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Alt-Minds – A new social media multi-platform detective adventure experience

July 1st, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Alt-Minds is a new multi-platform detective adventure experience.  Launching in the Autumn, Alt-Minds looks set to change, at the very least social network gaming.

Let’s start from the top.  Communications experts Orange and transmedia specialists Lexis Numérique have created Alt-Minds as a game/entertainment package that allows user to immerse themselves in the series.  It will be launching as a web-tv show, social network game and PC game simultaneously.  It will allow users to join and follow, in real time, through as many mediums as they like.  Users can simply watch the web series, or just play on the Facebook or PC game.  But for the total package, users can do it all.
The game will require users to solve daily clues in order to rack up points.  These might be videos that require watching for information, or simply documents or images.  Users will also be able to visit locations in their area and using the geo-locators on their phones, get further clues sent to them.  Online research and investigation will also take place using Google Maps, Facebook and search engines.  Lexis Numérique have spent the last two years setting up web-pages and Facebook accounts for users to investigate and interact with.
Users are able to play as much or as little as they want and controls have been put in place to stop users posting spoilers around the internet for the daily clues.  Other friends on Facebook who play the game, will be able to assist you to get further points and you will be able to see your overall ranking and friends rankings through the app.
Alt-Minds isn’t limited to Orange customers, but it will only be available on IOS and Android devices on its release.

Check out the Alt-Minds trailer.

ALT-MINDS – Trailer 1 (english version) by Alt-Minds
And for more information visit the official site or Facebook page.

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