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Black Ops 2 Mutliplayer Reveal Breakdown

August 10th, 2012 by Matthew Maidment 1 Comment

So with worldwide reveal of the Black Ops 2 Multiplayer I thought i’d give you a run down of the video and give you some of my thoughts about what we should expect in November and from what’s in this trailer there’s alot.



Straight into the video we get shown one of the new gadgets. Which appears to be some form of shock grenade for stunning or disorienting an opponent, what I’d like to know is what happens when you get a direct hit with that bad boy.

Moving on we get a look at one of the new scopes which appears to show the outline of any enemies in the local vicinity, could this solve the constant problem of campers I hope so.

With Treyarch being the legends they are the dolphin dive is back

We also get another look at the scope I mentioned earlier being used while smoke grenades have been deployed, thermal replacement anyone?

It also appears that everyone least favourite scope the dual scope is back but will it be better?

Now from what this next shot shows it appears this is a portable disorientation device called a guardian.

Here we see a player taking out a Dragonfly drone quite easily with a normal rifle, so it appears that the drone’s do not have that much armour/health

From that it switches up to the dragonfly’s perspective and from the countdown in the corner so it looks like this will be a timed point streak.

Now this is interesting we have riot shields which is a welcome surprise as this is usually a Infinity Ward trademark with the series, but this time with a difference.

Deployable and you can shoot through them (Gears of War anyone?)

Care packages come as standard for Call of Duty but this time we get to see what we’ve all been wondering since seeing the footage from E3 earlier this year. The A.G.R with what seems to be firing some hardcore round’s. Fingers crossed that Treyarch have put something into place to counter this beast. Using EMP grenades to take it out or an even better idea having a perk to counter all the drones in the game. (Hacker & cold blooded mix maybe?)

Next is a brilliant clip showing a player only using a pistol, which means the less weapons you have the lighter you’ll be on your feet. Once he’s ran out of ammo his knife is then permanently unsheathed. Does this mean no more panic knifing. The way the animation works, reminds me of the ballistic knife in the previous Black Op’s.

And then….. AND THEN TOMAHAWKS ARE BACK BABY! My favourite choice for most of my custom classes and do they look better.

Now for my personal favorite we get a clip of a bolt action sniper rifle and from the way it scopes in, it looks like more skill is needed for these rifles.

The next weapon looks to be another bolt action sniper but with a iron sight does this mean that Treyarch are pulling a Battlefield 3 move and letting you use the rifles without a scope or is it just a single shot assault rifle like to FAL I’ll leave that one to speculation.

Next we see how the UAV streak is used with this futuristic hand held device.

From that we then get a clip of the fully automatic shotgun in action with some tasty C4 kills thrown in.

And finally what appears to be the coolest of the point streaks is a drone nose diving onto a players location, depending how this work’s it could either be a targeted streak like the mortars in the first black ops or you “could” control the drone and use it like the predator missile in the Modern Warfare series.

Que title “The Future is black”  and when you think that’s it we get the biggest of surprises.

A whole new game mode “multi-team team deathmatch” but with the way it looks and with the support Black Op’s got with the competitive scene could this be a whole new playlist that uses Call Of Duty Elite properly?

This is now turning the most ambitious of all the previous title’s could this be the game that Activison needs to freshen up the franchise if so I’m all for it, but until then time to freshen them skills on Black Op’s.

Let us know what you think of this breakdown in the comments below.

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