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Deadpool the Video Game trailer rocks. Hard.

July 15th, 2012 by StealthBuda 1 Comment

We all know Deadpool is the most on-off-on movie in history, but this game seems to have nailed him in ways Ryan Reynolds can only dream of…

Tonight the announcement trailer for the Deadpool video game went live.  There are no words to describe the trailer, you must simply watch it.  It’s all kinds of wrongness, awesomeness and just plain crazy all rolled in to one.

“Suck it Wolverine.” Priceless. Oh, very NSFW guys

You can also check out the full site here.  Or follow Deadpool on twitter. Or visit the game page on Facebook.

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StealthBuda, when not defending the streets of London from the shadows, is a big fan of portable gaming, slasher films and console RPGs. You can abuse him via Facebook ( or on Twitter (!/StealthBuda)

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  1. StealthBuda Anonymous says:

    I bit back on my excitement for this post for journalistic professionalism. I’ve been a fan of Deadpool since he went toe to toe with Shatterstar in the early days of X-Force. Through some of the trauma of his comic and the horror of his incarnation in the Wolverine film. Game developers do tend to get him right in the Marvel games. Ultimate Alliance and Marvel vs Capcom did Deadpool right. But this. This people, is something else.

    And note, I didn’t even realise journalistic was a word.

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