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Eurogamer Expo 2012 Survival and Free Stuff Guide

September 28th, 2012 by StealthBuda 2 Comments

Survival Guide

  • Arrive early – If you arrive an hour early, that hour will in effect save you more time inside.  The queues build up quickly, and if you’re queuing outside while people are queuing inside, it’s self defeating.  So if possible, arrive early so that you’re one of the first in the door.
  • Be prepared to queue – Peeps, you’re going to queue.  It’s fact.  If you don’t like queuing, I’d suggest waiting until the games are released and playing them in your own sweet time.  The shorter the time on the game, the quicker the queue moves.  I’d rather have a longer session and queue longer for it, but that’s just me.  Eurogamer is setup very well and none of the queues are particularly epic, but you’re still going to queue.  Get over it early, and enjoy yourself.  The developer sessions especially need to be queued for.  People were queue three hours early for the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary developer session.
  • Bring a bottle of water with you – Although Earls Court is one of the best venues, as it’s got high ceilings and good air-conditioning, it can still get warm in the queues.  So have some water on hand as you don’t want to be wasting time queuing for water when you could be in the queue for something far more important.
  • Plan what you want to see – I’m a military man, so I plan, it’s what I do.  Not everyone does it, but you should at least think about this.  Know what your priorities are.  Make say a top three and out of those pick your number one.  Then make a list of everything else you want to achieve.  Maps are available on the Eurogamer website and in the Eurogamer guide you get as you enter.  Once you’ve got your wrist band, head straight for your number one priority.  This will probably be your shortest queue of the day, so head straight there.  Then after, visit number two and three, then the rest.  By at least thinking about what you want, your chances of missing or forgetting something will decrease.
  • Stay until the end – After 17:00, it gets a lot quieter.  Sure there’s usually no free stuff by that time, but you can mop up all the games you want to see easily in the last two hours.
  • Have a big breakfast – I don’t generally eat at conventions, I can eat at home when I’m not dual wielding axes in Skyrim, or trying to convince the Wipeout girl that I’m a racing driver from the future too.  Food there can be pretty expensive, so I always eat at home, grab a coffee and then run on caffeine until I get home.  Is it healthy?  No.  Does it give me more time gaming?  Yes, yes it does.

Eurogamer Expo 2012 Free Stuff So far

  • Hitman Min Figure – If you play Hitman Absolution
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 3D Poster – If you beat the playable demo
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance T-Shirt – If you Pre-order the game from the Game stand
  • Metal Gear Solid poster – Given away around the Metal Gear Rising Revengeance stand
  • Limited Edition Assassins Creed III Sketch – If you Pre-Order the game from the Game stand
  • Limited Edition Far Cry 3 Sketch – If you Pre-Order the game from the Game stand
  • Medal of Honour: Warfighter Poster – Just for walking by the stand
  • Free 3 months Playstation Plus – Just like the PS Access Facebook page in front of the reps in the Playstation Area
  • God of War Kratos Sacboy – From the God Of War: Ascension stand
  • Dishonored XBL Avatar items – From the Dishonored stand
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Poster – If you play the Black Ops 2 playable demo

There are usually freebies at each Developer Session.  343 industries gave away limited edition bottles of Halo 4 Mountain Dew and IO Interactive gave away custom Agent 47 red ties.

  • I’m lead to believe that Capcom will have some goodies throughout the rest of the weekend.  Keep an eye on the Capcom UK twitter feed for details.
  • Insert Coin Clothing will give you a gift voucher if you show up wearing one of their t-shirts of hoodies.
  • Insert Coin Clothing will also be holding giveaways throughout the weekend.  Keep an eye on the Insert Coin Clothing twitter feed for details.
  • Konami UK are holding a treasure hunt each day.  See Page 21 of your guide book for details.


If I’ve missed anything, or you know of any freebies, let me know and I’ll update the page.

At all times, please respect the staff at the stands.  If they chose not to give you stuff, it’s probably because they’re trying to share it out over the weekend.

My Eurogamer 2012 Thursday images are posted here.

A full report of all activities will be published after the weekend has completed, but this page will be continually updated with free stuff and survival guide tips.

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  1. Lizi says:

    Crisis 3 t-shirt free if you play the game

  2. Andrew Andrew says:

    Still have to do my write up but had no time! shame we didn’t meet up, was an awesome day, not looking forwards to the Saturday queues but will be great to go through and pick out some of the ones i missed yesterday!

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