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REVIEW: FTN reviews Far Cry 3

December 30th, 2012 by Al Keenan the Bald Gamer Dude Comments


It has had rave reviews, shot up to number 2 in the U.K. video game charts and is being played by thousands of people daily. So what did Al our Bald Videogamer Dude think of Far Cry 3?



Imagine this, you are stalking an animal through the jungle. You need the skin of this animal to build a new backpack for yourself and like Hawkeye on steroids you are walking around with bow and arrow raised. You spot something moving in the trees and there it is almost on top of you, the animal you have come to slay like Sir Arthur and his Dragon. No sooner have you spotted it than its ears raise up, it looks to the east and quickly darts away in the opposite direction.
You turn your direction to the east, ‘what could it have heard?’. You amble up the side of a steep hill you’re sure you can hear something, maybe someone talking.
At the top of this hill you can see for miles, the greenery hits you making you blind for a second, the sun is beating down like some sadistic metal drummer and there down in the road by the canyon you see a glimmer of red.
Red as everyone knows means danger and danger there is. You spy through the zoom on your sniper rifle two modern day pirates dressed in the red that caught your eye. They have a couple of people out of their car hands raised and are clearly robbing them. The pirates raise their guns and you can tell this isn’t going to go the victims way.

Now you don’t know the victims but right now you have a moral choice, let them die and go on stalking your prized animal, or run in like John Rambo to save the day. You pause for thought deciding to extinguish the life of the pirates, you line up your first shot… BOOM!!! His head disappears in a mist of red. As the other is looking around to see what happened you make your move. Quickly you run down the hill staying behind cover, you come up behind the car so as the pirate doesn’t see you. You throw a rock just to your left and he hears the sound, as he heads towards it to investigate you sneak up behind him and cut his throat.
The victims are happy that they live for another day on this island paradise of hell, but you have attained more blood on your hands and you ask yourself ‘how much is too much’.


This is what the core of Far Cry 3 is, it’s an open world game where you choose what you want to do and when. The effects don’t filter down, it’s not like you kill some pirate and his brother wants to hunt you down, but the morals are still there. The game reminds you a lot that you never came to this island some hopped up commando screaming for blood, you came here for an altogether different reason.

The main character Jason and his friends have come to Rook Island on a nice action packed holiday getaway. When they decide to skydive it all goes wrong and they end up separated and all kidnapped by the Pirate leader Vass. These modern day pirates plan to extort money from everyone’s parents and then sell them into slavery anyway.
Jason and his brother escape captivity but his brother is killed just before they get away. Running into the jungle Jason falls into the river and is saved by a man named Dennis.
Dennis claims the island was once a beautiful peaceful place until the pirates appeared and asks for your help in returning it to what it once was, in exchange he will help you rescue your remaining friends.

The thing is when you first begin you know nothing, you are a regular middle class American. Throughout different challenges you face you soon become adept with all kinds of weapons and the skills tree allows you to upgrade those skills, for instance swimming faster, creating more syringes and various bloody takedowns.

After the basic tutorial level has finished and you have a clue what to do then you can do pretty much whatever you like. The thing I loved most about the game was the variety of kills I could make. Want to spam a jeep with C4 and ram it into an enemy headquarters bailing out and pressing the detonator at the same time? You can do it.
Want to sit atop a mountain and pick guys off one by one with a sniper rifle?
You got it.
Do you fancy a stealthier and up close approach, breaking into the enemy base and killing everyone before they even know you exist?
The tools are there for you to use.

The sheer variety is astounding, mash this up with so many weapon variations and upgradables and you have yourself a formidable first person shooter. The thing is that’s not all the game offers, this island is massive and you thought Skyrim was big? Rook Island laughs in the face of Skyrim. It would take you a long time to walk from one side of the other, in fact you wouldn’t just be walking, swimming and climbing too. The surroundings are pretty much jungle and beeches but sometimes there is more to it than meets the eye, for instance the cool looking abandoned WWII Japanese bunkers or the long ago abandoned caves of the local natives.

The island is so big that it’s a good job they give you plenty of vehicles to traverse it. Whether it be cars, gliders or jet skis. I’m sure there is something to everyone’s taste and the great thing is the vehicles are all easy to handle. You will do your fair share of driving so it’s a good thing it’s a smooth process that feels natural. Some of the other things like gliders are more a novelty but they do their job.


Rook Island is a beautiful looking paradise but can be hindered on the console by sometimes cartoony looking graphics and items popping up out of nowhere, especially when looking through a long sniper scope. This was less of a problem when I loaded it onto the console hard drive but it does feel as if it would run better and smoother on a top of the line PC.
This can sometimes take away from the feel of the game but it isn’t a regular occurrence.

The audio is fantastic and with surround sound the jungle becomes a living and breathing thing. There is always something going on and there is never a quiet moment.
The voice acting and general story is engaging and well told, it kept me going and considering this is a 30hours plus game you need some good story telling to keep you involved.

There’s also a tonne of mini games that are anything from driving from flare to flare to deliver medicine to hitting as many pirates with your car as you can. These challenges appear to your friends in game too so they can see what you have been doing and how you have been doing it. They can also attempt to beat your record.

Speaking of which your mates can hop in and out of your game in an online co-op mode, I can’t comment on the effectiveness as I never had a chance to do so but it seems to work the same as Borderlands 2 which you can go in and out and it doesn’t affect your friends game, you get experience the same as if you played yourself. I imagine it might be weird playing the game at 10 hours and jumping into someone’s game who is on hour 25.

There is also an online multiplayer mode which is pretty standard fare with games these days. I found the multiplayer to be a strange experience. There are different modes like team deathmatch and one that’s akin to headquarters on Call of Duty. Sometimes I got killed and couldn’t figure out where the person was. Once I got a handle on the ins and outs it was more fun but I doubt it will take over from the big boys COD, Battlefield and Halo.

Far Cry 3 is one of the best games released this year, it will keep you entertained for hours on end and the fact there are at least 2 different endings might make you come back and play it through again.
If you like your games to be open world with a bit of first person shooter then chances are you will love this. Yes it has some graphical issues at times but this doesn’t deviate from the game unless you are some kind of graphics nerd, then nothing will please you.

5 out of 5 nerds

An outstanding game that everyone should play it. It will surely be one of the last great sandbox games on this generation of consoles and that in itself should make you want to play it.

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