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FTN tackles MMS: Multi-player Macho Syndrome

October 11th, 2012 by Al Keenan the Bald Gamer Dude Comments


I just recently got into online gaming. Mostly first person shooters (FPS). I bought myself a nice expensive gaming headset to chat with my friends as we teamed up to take on other people and so far I have been enjoying myself.

I started off as a proper newbie (Noob), not knowing where I was going or how to get there, I was lucky to get one kill in before being shot directly in the face.
I’m fairly laid back, so I just laughed it off, watched some YouTube videos to see where I was going wrong and practiced.

I’m much better now, I still make the odd mistake but I’d say being on my team now is better than it was a few weeks ago.

The thing is, when my friends aren’t online I toddle online myself and play various games. At first I thought maybe I could meet new people there, we already have a common interest in games so we could maybe team up and have an ultimate team, or fight each other for a good laugh. What I found though was a lot of highly strung, stuck up and horrid bunch of people.

Take this one dude for instance, we were in the same team playing team deathmatch, I was really digging his play style, was about to message him to tell him he was a good player when suddenly I kill him and he spouts varying degrees of abuse at me. Alas I didn’t bother adding him.

I don’t mind being called a noob, to me that isn’t actually a word, so why would it hurt being called it? If someone is simply pointing out the fact that I am fairly new to the online world then it is true. The truth doesn’t hurt.

When someone becomes very upset that I caught them with their pants down and shot them in the back, well that’s different, I can’t tell you the amount of times this has happened and I have been screamed at with a thousand different variations of cuss words. Now I cuss with the worst of them, my wife tells me constantly to stop swearing, but somehow these kids and adults alike seem to lose all self-control.

Many times I have heard racial slurs, homophobic chants and ugly war cries. So I decided to pretty much mute anyone who says anything to further enhance my experience of something I am growing to love. Which brings me to my point: I have discovered a syndrome and named it MMS (I know that is the abbreviation of text message but I don’t care).

MMS is simply Multiplayer Macho Syndrome.

Most of the people playing Call of Duty and Battlefield would be next to useless in either a real fight or with a real gun. Suddenly online they become the biggest of idiots. Most of these people wouldn’t say the things they do on the street to other’s faces, the level of secrecy that the internet gives you means that they can say what they like without repercussions.

Now I get angry when a kill streak gets ruined because of some lucky shot, but let’s face it, we are all there to have fun. The cure to MMS is to chill the hell out, because if you can’t enjoy gaming then you shouldn’t be a gamer, it’s as simple as that.

SO take a breath, hold it for a second and let it go. Feel that tension in your chest release and your blood pressure come down.

Now it’s time to aim down sight and get that annoying little guy who’s been killing you all night, just watch your back…. Too late, bloody noob has killed you again.

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