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Microsoft backtrack after E3 disaster: Epic win, mega lolz etc…

June 20th, 2013 by The Gentleman Gamer Comments

Wow, it’s actually happened. Microsoft, after having a bit of a P.R. disaster at E3 what with the rape joke and the always on/ DRM thing, have turned the corner with now only half of the internet hating them thanks to them listening to paying customers and ditching the always on and DRM.

This is great news for two reasons: the first being that people with no interest in online and people with less money to afford lots of news games can play and trade as they see fit but that’s the obvious reason, the second is far more important.

For years, big companies have told us what we were going to buy and how we would use it and there was little or no compromise, now however consumer power has won the battle, if perhaps not the war, with one the biggest companies on the planet and forced them to backtrack, this is great news as it seems to mean that they are actually listening and realised that perhaps sales of the One might not have been quite as earth shattering as they’d first hoped.

I do wonder if they knew they were chancing their arm with the trade-in thing, sort of “let’s put this out there, dive for cover and wait for the fallout and if no one moans then we can put it through, but let’s have a back-up plan if the public go into meltdown”. The entire internet then lost their minds with rage, myself included, and clearly Microsoft got the message. So what’s next?

To be honest, I was impressed by the One and it’s functionality, most of my gaming friends will get the One within about six months of release. The controller looks lovely and the machine isn’t that ugly, okay Microsoft clearly hasn’t brought in anyone from Bang and Olufson to help them with the design but anyone who buys electronic gear because of the way it looks doesn’t deserve to have it in the first place.

I feel this is the final battle ground for consoles, if Sony has another bad turn they may well be finished, the Wii U has not had the success that Nintendo had wanted and I feel they may retreat to the safety of the hand held market which they do so well. This would leave on Microsoft which would be bad news of course but we all wait with baited breath to see what Valve come up with and you never know, maybe Panasonic might get back into the fray, or maybe that’s pushing it too far?


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