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Skyrim Gets New DLC: Hearthfire Dated, Detailed, and Priced

August 28th, 2012 by Crowbar Comments

Bethesda has just released a trailer and confirmation that the new DLC with be called, Hearthfire. Not too long ago, Betheda reserved the trademark and the internet was buzzing about it. Bethesda has been kind enough to pass us along some of the features that will be added to Skyrim.

Hearthfire will allow the player to purchase land, and build your own house from the ground up. You will start with a one room cottage that may as well be a shed, to a massive estate with everything you need. Once you find your land and build your house, you will be able to defend it from thieves or any unwanted pets. It will be fine place for your adopted kids grow up.

Quite frankly, Betheda should be focusing on getting Dawnguard out on the PS3 before releasing anything new for Skyrim. However, maybe the next DLC will feature the ability to grow crops. Then you can Farmville in your Minecraft in your RPG. The trailer is below, enjoy. Hearthfire will be released September 4th for 400 MSP on the XBL Marketplace.

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