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Timesplitters 4 on Crytek’s free-to-play service

June 15th, 2012 by Nathan Doogan 1 Comment

At last, news regarding the long-gestating Timesplitters 4

A lot of the fans( me being one of then) of the Timesplitters games have been waiting for a new Timesplitters game to arrive, This is what Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli told CVG that “nobody would accept” the title.
He explained that the game is a hard sell to publishers and Crytek’s still looking for a way to make it work: “Look, I wish we were working on it. I will say that,” Yerli said. “I think hopes are high, but change has to happen in the platform space. I’m very excited potentially about the idea of a TimeSplitters for G-Face.
“The thing with TimeSplitters is, if we made a sequel to TimeSplitters, nobody would accept this apart from some fans, and we don’t know how big the fan community is unfortunately,” he added.
“And we don’t want to design this as a packaged goods game that launches on a console, and even if we wanted to, I don’t think publishers would like the idea. That is the truth, and that was the truth even before we bought Free Radical.”
“The concept behind TimeSplitters was pitched around before we took over and Free Radical had no luck. We think even on CryEngine and with Crytek behind it there would be fundamental issues with the concept,” he said.
“However, TimeSplitters had one of the most fun multiplayer games ever, and G-Face is a social entertainment platform – it’s about online gaming. I love the idea, and I wish we’ll work on it, but currently we are not working on it.”
I loved the previous games, I hope that this game does see the light of day as Timesplitters was one of my best games of last gen and i know i’m not the only one that love the old Timesplitters, At this point all we can do is hope.

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