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Devil May Cry Demo Out Now

November 29th, 2012 by Al Keenan the Bald Gamer Dude Comments

A few days ago the demo for DMC the newest game in the Devil May Cry series went online.
For anyone who has never played a Devil May Cry game the basic story is this; Dante is the main protagonist, he is half angel and half demon. He uses the power that this gives him to hunt down and kill other demons (usually for some kind of payment).

He is one cool character with silver hair and a long red leather coat. He can usually be found wielding a sword and dual wielding a set of pistols aptly named Ebony and Ivory.

Sounds good? Keep reading.

This game is going back to before the beginning. Yeah that’s right we are getting a prequel and it’s all about Dante’s beginnings.

The demo lets you play what seems to be a very early level and fills you in on the basis of the storyline with a funky cutscene and then delivers you into the game itself.
Not much has changed for ole Dante, you still have to hack and slash your way through levels whilst combining together several different moves to make insane combos. This is what the Devil May Cry series is all about and I for one am glad it hasn’t changed.
It has been some years since we saw Dante in action and although in this game he is somewhat younger and a bit less seasoned, he still comes away with one liners and sarcastic quips. Which usually land him in deep water.

There is gunplay, platforming and basic beat em up parts of the level and I can see this continuing throughout the whole game when it finally comes out.
It’s a bright and forgiving landscape and looks very Capcom; which is good considering it was Capcom who made the game.

I did however have a few issues with a mid-air forward jump which is needed for most of the platforming in the game, whenever I pressed the buttons sometimes Dante never reacted, this ended with lots of falling into deep murderous caverns and me screaming at the TV.
I’m sure by the time the game comes out this small detail will be fixed.

Overall the demo is great and makes me salivate at the thought of only waiting a month and a bit for the full game.
If you are on Xbox 360 or PS3 be sure to check out the demo. It is just over a gigabyte so make sure you have some room before downloading.


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