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WATCH: The E3 2013 trailer for Tales of Xillia!

June 8th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

Namco Bandai has released the E3 Trailer for Tales of Xilla. Kingdoms under siege, betrayal, spirits, magic, and some beautiful animation are all present.

The story follows the adventures of two main characters as opposed to the series standard single hero. Jude is a male medical student and Milla is the mysterious female character. The developers inclusion of a second character allows for the story to be seen from two points of view. Who you choose at the beginning of the game can change which plot points you experience, the characters you interact with, and affect the outcomes of certain story events. Coll right?

Tales of Xillia’s combat works in that same way as the previous games in the series. As players explore the world from the new behind-the-back, third-person perspective, they will encounter enemy creatures. Colliding with them activates the game’s battle mode in which your party fights enemies in real-time. Players must execute attack combos by combining the specific character’s standard and Artes special attacks. 

Much of the game involves the theme of having two character teams. A new linking system has been implemented  into the combat to reflect that. At any point during a battle, you can change which character you’re linked to in your party, which is indicated by a colored line between the two. Each character has unique abilities and passive bonuses that activate when you are linked. Once a character is attached, they will automatically target the enemy you are facing, make strategic maneuvers like flanking enemy units, and activate extended combos. 

 The game comes out on August 6th for PS3.

Check out some more screenshots and the trailer below

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