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About Us

Following the Nerd has been active since February 2011 when Marc Savage and Michael Bashford came together with ideas for a website.

From that initial meeting one cold morning, both men, along with Yoda-like colleague Dicky Clark, have tried to bring the best of nerd culture to the web via their facebook page, twitter feed, radio show, and now, website.

We hope everyone who visits this site enjoys their stay and interacts with us whenever they can. If you like movies, games, toys, comics, collecting and just fun stuff then we’re the place to be…

If you have a story that you think we might like, then get in touch; have you thoughts on our reviews? Please tell us; and lastly, can we do anything else to make your nerd life that little bit better? Then let us know.

Remember this is a site for all of you and without your support we couldn’t do it.

Onwards and upwards.

Your friends at FTN.