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FTN Book review: Moorman’s Book of Poker

August 2nd, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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In the world of poker Chris Moorman is a legend boasting the highest ever online career winnings at over $11 million even though he’s still only 31 years of age. From Essex, he started playing poker soon after graduating from university with a degree in economics, knowledge that has undoubtedly helped in his chosen career.


Although he’s never won a WSOP bracelet he has also proved to be very successful in live events having featured in thirteen of the money events at the World Series. His most successful year to date was 2011 when he finished second in the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event and made his way onto three final tables.

His standing in the poker world is also underlined by the fact that he has joined other great players like Dominik Nitsche and Kara Scott as a Team888 pro representing Poker888 both at online events and even at the 2016 World Series of Poker which the company sponsored.

So when a player of Moorman’s obvious expertise and stature writes a book about poker the chances are that it is going to contain just the sort of practical advice that’s sadly lacking from so many other dissections of the game.

“Moorman’s Book of Poker: Improve Your Poker Game with Moorman” was published in November 2014 by D & B, famous for their poker series. Moorman wrote the book in collaboration with Byron Jacobs, a fellow pro-poker player but one with nowhere like the standing or career winnings of Chris.

Unlike some poker manuals this takes a tuition approach using specific hands and discussing them. They’re all examples that Jacobs has played in his career and it’s Moorman’s analysis of the hands and the way that they were played that makes this such a useful book.

For each example Jacobs explains how he played the hand and the thinking behind his actions and this is then followed by a critique by Moorman. Sometimes he is complimentary, sometimes very critical but it is always very illuminating to read.

This is especially true when he goes on to explain how he would have chosen to play in the same situation as it gives a unique insight into the mental workings of someone who is undoubtedly one of the greatest players of the game. So even if you don’t find yourself in the same situation in a game there are always pointers that you can use yourself. Another great thing about the book is that there isn’t too much technical detail either which makes it ideal for every level of player from the novice upwards.

If you’ve read the book yourself you’ll know just how good it is and, if you haven’t, try to get your hands on a copy. It could be the best £20 you’ll ever spend.



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