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FTN puts a few questions to Charlaine Harris about new book Midnight Crossroad

May 7th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

A while back we got to put some questions to True Blood writer Charlaine Harris about her new book Midnight Crossroad as part of a massive Twitter event…

And here are her answers

How is Sookie, are you missing her? 

“She’s doing very well. I’m confident she’s thriving, so I don’t really miss her. I can check in on her from time to time!”

How did you find writing from male perspectives after writing from a female perspective for over thirty years?

“It was a challenge, for sure. I had to change my thinking processes. I hope I succeeded in being credible. The process was a little tense, and I did a lot of rewriting.”

What’s next for the residents of Midnight?

“Next is book two, tentatively titled “Midnight Crossroad: the Day Shift” in which Manfred is accused of theft, thereby bringing unwanted attention to the town. It’s told from different points of view than the first book. I’m a little over halfway through.”

Thanks to Charlaine and check out our review of Midnight Crossroad here

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