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George R.R. Martin’s been procrastinating instead of finishing Game of Thrones…

February 13th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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Whilst we’re on the countdown to Game of Thrones Season 6, it looks like George R. R. Martin isn’t in any rush to finish the sixth book in his fantasy series.

Yes, there’s still no word on The Winds of Winter publication date after Martin missed yet another deadline. Determined to get to the bottom of the problem, US TV host and comedian Conan O’Brien took matters into his own hands and decided to track down the man himself in a quest to discover what on earth is taking him so long…

In a skit filmed for his chat show, Conan professed that he had hacked into Martin’s home security and was left stunned by what he found. By the looks of things, George R. R. Martin has been having a grand old time to himself, from causing havoc in his neighbourhood by knocking mailboxes off with a baseball bat to robbing liquor stores.

It looks like he’s doing anything and everything in order to avoid writing the rest of his book.

Before you all panic, we’d just like to reiterate that this was all done for a bit of fun. Nobody panic!

Basically, Martin has dropped everything in order to complete The Winds of Winter to correspond with the release of Game of Thrones Season 6 at the end of April. Unfortunately, this is no longer going to be possible so we’ll just have to hold our breath for now. Winter is coming…but not just yet!

Game of Thrones season 6 will be back on our screens on April 24 2016, so there’s not too long to wait! We can hardly contain our excitement!

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