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Benefits of Implementing Comics in Our Education Systems

February 10th, 2021 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

We all know that comics is an excellent source of entertainment. However, did you know that they can also be a very significant part of our children’s education? This blog looks to expound on this issue and show that comics are more than just a source of good entertainment. Let us see some of the reasons comics are perfect tools for education:

Improving Student’s Literary Skills


One of the most significant problems that students face in school nowadays is the ever-decreasing self-esteem levels. This is especially so when it comes to reading exercises. As students find out that they are struggling with reading, it becomes tough for them to conduct this exercise, especially during classroom reading exercises.

The best way to ensure that students regain the confidence to read passages in front of their peers is by encouraging them to do some extra reading by themselves. Remember, using English as a second language (ESL) graphic books is always frowned upon in our regular education. The use of these ESL books is hugely considered unnecessary and ineffective.

This is where comics become a necessary tool in the learning process. It is essential to point out that most students find reading comics entertaining as they do not consider it a classroom “chore.” Therefore, encouraging them to read some comic works effectively. It will readily sharpen their reading skills, and it is an activity that you will not need to force the students to engage in.

A Good Way for Parents to Get Involved in Their Children’s Education

From the large amounts of money that parents pay for their children’s education, it is no secret that they all want them to succeed in life. This is one of the main reasons parents always want to be involved in their children’s education.

The provision of computers and access to the internet is one way many parents choose to go. Through the internet, students can access comics at very affordable costs, which is beneficial to both the child and the parent. On the other hand, they can also get cheap assignment help online, whenever their numerous assignments add lots of pressure to their lives.

While most parents find that providing typical educative material such as books and private tuition is the best way to do this, understand that providing your child with comics can also be very beneficial. Comics offer a superb way to improve students’ literacy levels without imposing a lot of stress in their lives. Remember, they already get unrelenting pressures from their classroom activities.

Helps Stimulates Student’s Imaginative Capabilities

Learning is never about only getting good grades and landing a good job. Our education system is designed in such a manner that it helps students use their mental faculties to solve most of the problems they face in life, no matter how unfamiliar they may be. This is why it is vital to ensure that whatever students are taught in class works at stimulating the student’s innovative capabilities.

One of the best ways to achieve this goal is by the use of wordless picture comics. These comics enable the students to use their imagination and direct whatever they think is depicted in the book. The use of wordless comics also helps improve a student’s critical thinking, story-telling ability, sequencing, and creativity.

Comics Are Fun

Compared to the traditional learning tools that teachers employ in the teaching process, comics are way more fun. You will concur that learning tools like whiteboards, index cards, and posters can be dull, repetitive, and predictable. However, no student can be bored when it comes to comics because there is an extensive range of varieties to choose from.

It Is Inexpensive

Not all schools indeed have the same financial capabilities. This means that for those schools that do not have many finances at their disposal, it is effortless for students to feel like they are missing out on some things. For instance, most schools cannot afford enough computers for each student and the premium software required to run the devices.

You can now see that it is an excellent idea to spice up the students learning by implementing comics into their education program. The fact that comics are not expensive means that they can be easily implemented into the education spectrum. Pair this with the benefits that comics bring into the classroom, and you will see that comics are perfect for education and should not only be viewed as a source of entertainment.






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