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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews All New X-Men Special #1

October 4th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Writer: Mike Costa

Art: Kris Anka

Publisher: Marvel

All New X-Men just got Superior!

This week Marvel unleashed the first of the Marvel NOW! Special issues with All New X-Men Special #1. This begins the Arms of the Octopus storyline that will be told throughout the rest of the Marvel Universe’s “Special” issues.

Taking a break from the ongoing “Battle of the Atom” storyline currently running through the X titles, this special is its own tale with no tie ins to BotA, allowing us to see the original X-Men try to enjoy themselves on a day to the Big Apple, we get a pretty good look at how out of time they truly are. Walking amongst the skyscrapers and the hordes of people chattering on mobile devices, all seems to be going pretty well for them at this time. Even Beast finds something he decides to take a shot at and gives us a pretty good reason as to why he decides to do it. The day seems to be going good until someone whom we all know to be currently residing in the body of our famous web-slinger shows up.

Who is the other Doctor Octopus? Is he from the past, and if so who brought him to the future?

The premise of this story arc is a good one and will allow Spider-Man to face in his mind the only person who is his equal and that is himself. The dialogue of this issue is superb and you really get to see more of the greatness that is Spider-Ock. From his initial reaction to seeing his former self (as well as making fun of his old outfit) to issuing orders to the X-Men, we once again get to see why the Superior Spider-Man is just that.

The original X-Men are portrayed as they should be, strangers in time who are trying to have a normal day out. The narrative from Beast on being lost and trying to figure out where he belongs adds more to his character than we have seen yet in the main title. Each of them acts as you would think with Bobby being excited at all the technology to Jean just trying to find somewhere quiet before her telepathy gives her a migraine.

Mike Costa has started an arc that may be one of the most important that will pertain to Spidey and one that could change how he looks at things. The one bad part is this will not continue in another All New X-Men special but rather the next part will be in Indestructible Hulk Special. So to get the whole story Marvel is making you buy titles you may not have bought before, which is a good marketing tactic but may hurt on the pocket at the 4.99 price tag. However it is worth it in my opinion as this is something I think people want to see. Fantastic art from Kris Anka adds to this tale and we are sure to get even more in the other specials that will continue this story.

If you want more from our favorite Spider-Ock I recommend picking up this issue and the rest of the Arms of the Octopus story. It may have long lasting effects that will be Superior.

4 out of 5 nerds


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