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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Ei8ht #1

January 24th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


ei8ht cover

Created by Rafael Albuquerque and Mike Johnson

Published by Dark Horse Comics

It’s a theory almost as old as the human race. Is time travel possible? Think of the scientific possibilities that could present themselves if we ever achieved such a feat. Well in Ei8ht #1 our protagonist, Joshua, learns just how dangerous messing with the time stream can be.

In issue #1 our mysterious protagonist is jettisoned back in time to an unknown date armed with nothing but his wits. You see, due to the stress of time travel Joshua has lost his memory albeit only temporarily. This is a historic day for mankind, but unfortunately for Joshua, things couldn’t get much worse…or can they?

While time-travel is anything but a new concept, especially in comics, creators Rafael Albuquerque and Mike Johnson are attempting to breathe new life into the subject. In this first issue they’ve definitely piqued my interest in what exactly is happening with Joshua. There are an absolute TON of unanswered questions we’re left with. Who’s the woman he keeps referring to? Why was he of all people sent to the past and not a scientist? Who are the mysterious people he’s stuck with? What exactly is the Meld? These are just a handful of the plethora of unanswered questions we’re left hanging with at the end of the issue. While I enjoy such an enigmatic book, I DO wish we were given a bit more in the form of Joshua’s backstory. At the end of this book I didn’t feel connected with anyone in the story, let alone the main character but there’s enough intrigue left for me to visit the second issue.

The true champion of this book is definitely Rafael Albuquerque’s art. His interesting use of colors lent as much, if not more to the story than the words. The past is green. The present is purple. The future is blue. The Meld is something else entirely. These are the colors used in each panel to signify not where we’re at in the story, but when. Any fan of Rafael’s art on American Vampire will find plenty to love in this issue as he’s left his distinct stamp on each panel.

If you’re a fan of the sci-fi genre, this book is definitely something you need to check out. On top of being a book about time travel, this book is a mystery at heart right now and that part of the story is what’s really drawing me back for a second issue. Pair that with the timeless work of Rafael Albuquerque, Ei8ht could very well be the sleeper hit of early 2015!

3.5 nerds

3.5 out of 5 nerds

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