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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Uncanny X-Men #15.INH

December 13th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Art: Kris Anka

Colors: Rain Beredo

In the midst of Inhumanity there is something else more prominent taking place in the world of the Uncanny X-Men…..GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!!

Finally getting a good story about the ladies of the New Charles Xavier School this issue finally gives me what I have been waiting for out of this title; more of the Stepford Cuckoos and more of Eva. I know the main focus of this title is on Cyclops most of the time but really I am glad to see that finally Bendis is giving us more stories involving the students and even more so involving the Cuckoos. I have loved the Cuckoos since they first appeared and since that time with them going from the 5-in-1 to the 3-in-1 it has been cool to actually start seeing some more personality coming out from them.

So with this issue the girls of the NCXS have decided that they need to go shopping because they do not have any clothes or hygiene products. So once Magik returns from the past and her studying with Doctor Strange the girls hit her up so they can go out. With Eva inviting Jean Grey along and with Magik insisting that Emma Frost must also join them they are poised for a night on the town. This led to some pretty funny imagery as in the last issue we saw Emma in her street clothes that made her look a bit punk rock while here we see her sleeping with her face in the pillow and her butt in the air and her knees underneath her. The girls comment that she sleeps like a toddler and really for a character that usually is pretty stone cold this is humorous to have her in such a position. So with her on board and her and Jean’s insistence that Kitty Pryde joins them the girls set off for London.

Here Bendis starts to give us some good interactions with the characters and even starts to tear down the walls surrounding Jean and the Cuckoos. It’s no secret that Celeste does not like Jean but if Jean is correct in this issue she is the only one of the sisters who has a problem with her. So we are starting to get things hashed out between them all, well that is until a commotion outside draws their attention away from this amazing character development.

What could pull them away? Well it is an Inhumanity tie-in so that must mean there is a Terrigen Cocoon is near. Indeed there is one and a new Inhuman is born or at least he emerges from his cocoon. After manifesting his power for the first time we get a new player on the field. What could A.I.M want with Inhumans? Only time will tell.

Some may not see this as a good issue because there is not a lot of action in it but for me the character development was what I found truly special. We get so many comics with action, explosions and more that we do not get a lot of development or resolution to characters inner grievances or feelings. Bendis actually was doing that here and for that I give him kudos because it needs to be done and really to do it first with the ladies was exactly what needed to happen. Like I said I love the Cuckoos and I think with a young Jean who honestly hasn’t done anything her older self did and them persecuting her for it is great story building. It shows that it doesn’t matter who you are people will find something about you they do not like and in the case of Jean yes there is a lot. It also places something interesting into the brain housing groups of the readers. It is said that maybe with so many Inhumans people will stop blaming the mutants for anything, but the question is asked how will people know who is a mutant and who is an Inhuman?

This is a great book even if I felt it didn’t need to be a tie-in. It could have cut out the part about the Inhumans and actually just focus on the ladies and what they are doing. However for what it was this was a great issue that I did enjoy and I hope Bendis continues and brings more of the character development in future issues.

So from Spin to you I give this book a Cuckoo loving

4 out of 5 nerds



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