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COMIC REVIEWS: FTN reviews Inhumanity #1

December 6th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Writer: Matt Fraction

Artist: Olivier Coipel

Publisher: Marvel Comics

In the wake of the Marvel Event of the Year Infinity comes the aftermath that is Inhumanity!

I have always been a fan of the Inhumans. They have always been a group of characters in the Marvel Universe that were unique in the fact that they had superpowers but they were not Mutants as some would have thought when you first saw them. In fact going by the dialogue in this issue alone they are not superpowers at all but the conclusion of evolution. That has always been a central fixture of the Inhumans is that they were created to be evolutionarily superior. Now that Attilan has fallen and the Terrigen Mists have enveloped the world, one must ask what will happen.

With Thanos defeated and the Avengers back on Earth everyone is asking the question what caused Attilan to fall. What brought down the great city kingdom and what has become of its ruler Black Bolt? The answers lay within the mind of Karnak one of the oldest established Inhumans having debuted alongside Black Bolt in Fantastic Four #45 c. 1965. Karnak has the ability to see the flaws in people, plans and objects and as such has been able to piece together what caused the Inhuman city to fall.

Taken into custody by the Avengers he is interrogated by Iron Man, Captain America, the Illuminati and even the Inhuman Queen Medusa. Throughout the issue we are treated to the history of the Inhumans, how they were created, how they branched out, how Thanos could father an Inhuman child and how millions around the world could be secret Inhumans. This is in my opinion the best thing Fraction could have done with this issue. While continuing the events in the aftermath of Infinity it also introduces those who may not be familiar with older Inhuman stories to who these characters are. While they have been around since the 60’s it is not unheard of for people to not know of them as readily as they would the Avengers or X-Men.

Fraction giving us a good solid history of the Inhumans and then going on to explain basically the whole master plan of Black Bolts to bring down Attilan and release the Terrigen Mist is brilliant. It is like he took so many plot points that started creeping in during Infinity and made them converge in this issue. The best part of it though is at no time do you feel it was an issue that had to do it for people to understand the characters. It truly felt like you have a character that is asked a simple question but instead takes you all the way around the moon just to answer it. I mean Medusa asks him the question is Black Bolt alive and he once again goes into a tirade of narrative exposition to get to the final answer. Now I say tirade but honestly it is a great read, you never feel yourself wanting him to stop, you want him to keep going and to keep telling you what is going on. The countless generations of Inhumans and their struggles to their mixing with regular humans and even Black Bolts plan suddenly all make sense and you find that he had a larger plan in mind during Thanos’s invasion.

I truly feel that as a follow up to Infinity which has rightfully so been praised, Inhumanity is going to be fantastic if you take this issue as an example. I love the Inhumans and I think newer readers who read this arc and learn about them and their struggles will learn to love them too. There is so much history to them that while I don’t think you will get everything in Inhumanity it may actually get people interested to go read an older adventure.

I highly recommend this first Issue and I know we all may be tired out from all the Infinity books but trust me I think this is going to be great.

So from Spin to all of you I give this Issue an Inhuman

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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