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DC shakes up comic industry by severing ties with Diamond Distribution

June 6th, 2020 by Paul McLoughlin Comments

The news of DC severing all ties with Diamond has come out of the blue like a speeding bullet .. or has it?

With LCSs (local comic shops) constantly complaining of their working relationship with Diamond, is this not what they wanted? after all competition is good for business, right?

Well, not for some LCSs in the US who are up in arms about DC comics’ decision, but is it really about who the new distributors are and not what they do?

USC (Midtown comics) & DCBS (Luner Distribution) are two big names in the US comic retail market and will now have control over DC comics distribution, but let’s not forget this was tried before in the 80s, only that time it was Marvel and that didn’t go well, but like then this comes down to one thing… money.

So, like it or not, this is happening.

The future? LCSs dealing with more than one distributor leading to increasing costs in turn could lead to less sales, but isn’t it due time that comic companies (especially the big two) stopped churning out so called big event after big event with 10 plus tie-in issues, random one-shots (most of which are pointless), countless variant covers and new issue ones and start putting out good quality titles instead?

It’s time for the independent comics to shine, and there’s so many good indie titles out there that maybe it’s time to make comics enjoyable reading again and not the kind where you need a degree to follow a story or  how about for the art to resemble a comic and not something you would see in an art gallery?

It’s time to make comics great again and if that means DC changing distributors, then so be it!

Reading comics for well over 30 years, and collecting nerd stuff just for the sake of it, I enjoy watching movies and supporting West Ham and am currently in the process of converting my 2 girls (4&6) into comic lovers.