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Highly Collectible Comics You Probably Still Own

August 6th, 2020 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

At one point in your younger life, we all collected memorabilia. It might either be our favorite boy/girl bands, our sports hero, action figures, or comic books.

Little do we know that some of these collections will be a treasure in the future, so you better get up and go to your storage room where you kept your old stuff, you might find some valuable things that may be beneficial to you. An example is some of the comic books that are listed below. Check this out because you might have one of the following stacked in your home.

Fantastic Four Volume #1 (1961)
You may have hit a massive jackpot if you have this at your home. As it was the first book release of the series, it showcases the first appearance and the entire team’s origin. Many other Marvel fans have always pointed to this issue at the beginning of the Marvel Era of Comics.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby presented the Fantastic Four as superheroes in the real world, full of character flaws and personal drama. That soon became the basis for the Marvel Spider-Man, the Amazing Hulk, and the X-Men. In almost every comic line, the very first issue is nearly always the rarest and most valuable. According to the experts at, you can only find copies of this from buy-and-sell forums on the internet or selected legit online stores. Although lower grades can be priced in the range of $5,000-$15,000, anything higher than 5.0 would cost $25,000.

Incredible Hulk #1 (1962)
In this book, the character is both the Hulk, green skin, and muscular humanoid with muscular physical strength and his alter ego, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner. They both exist in one body with two different personalities that resent each other. This first comic was 12 cents in comic stands in 1962, but in 2014, it sold for 320,000$ at an auction. The first version of the Hulk was gray, but it gives him a greenish color because of printing press error. It was then that the creator decided Hulk became green-skinned.

Captain Marvel Issue #17 (2013)
In this issue, the first appearance of “Kamala Khan” in costume and book cover has been the highlight of the newly released comic. Marvel announced that she currently features in issue 14 of the set. Furthermore, Marvel didn’t want to spoil the big show of their newest character, so they retained the positive things until the second half of the comic. After this specific Captain Marvel Issue attracts numerous fans, her major comic debut shot up for about $230. You can currently buy this at the online shops and other comic conventions for $2000 to $4000.

Transformer Issue #113 UK edition
In this volume, the character of Death’s head made its first appearance. It was created initially by Simon Furman as a bounty hunter character, out to collect a bounty in Galvatron at Rodimus’s request. The shape-changing robot is famous for kids around the world. It produced eighty issues in the United States. The Death’s head character was redesigned and re-launched as Death’s head II. It then inspired two characters, the Death Wreck and Death Metal, which also have their limited series.

Although the preceding issues aren’t worth that much, Death’s Head’s first appearance in the book will net you an average of $100.

Venom Lethal Protector Issue #1 (1993)
It’s certainly no shock to the ’90s people that Venom is one of the top three most popular books. Five years after he had his villain debut, Venom wanted to do what any other comic character in the ’90s did: become an edgy anti-hero. This specific comic issue has become more popular not only because it was the beginning of the series, but because of the cover error that it encounters. The heroic Venom: Lethal Protector debut had just come dressed in a shiny red cover. Sadly for Marvel, their printers had a heck of a time to get it right. About 500 versions of the Lethal Protector # 1 cover printed in all black, which has been released to the market, making it a rare item. It’s worth around $1,000 in the store today.

At the end of this, our question will be, ‘are the old comic books worth any money?’ Literally, yes, it is. Suppose you happen to have found these old but gold comic books in your cabinets and memorabilia boxes. You can decide to sell it at an excellent price or keep it for sentimental value and preserve your childhood memories. For someone who is a die-hard fan comic owner of these legendary characters, no amount of money can replace the different emotions that they experience from this.

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