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LOVE IS IN THE AIR: FTN presents our top couples in comics!

February 10th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

It’s February again folks and you know what that means! Spring is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! We here at Following the Nerd wanted to get you all in the spirit of the holiday by giving you our top couples in comics! WARNING: There WILL be spoilers sprinkled throughout this article from comics involving these characters!

Superman & Wonder Woman

This particular power couple only gets an honorable mention due to the fact that the relationship is so new. When I first saw that Supes and WW would be together as a part of the New 52, I had the first reaction that most did. *GAG* The work Charles Soule has done on their ongoing series has me singing a different tune though. While there is SOME focus on the two of them as a couple in the book, they still continue to focus on what’s most important…saving the day. When the two announce their coming together to the rest of the DCU, look out, it’s sure to send shockwaves throughout!

Green Arrow & Black Canary

These two have provided us with so many great moments over the years and now we get to see them in live action! While they’re great in Arrow, I think the best example of how special the relationship Ollie and Black Canary share in the last year was in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Right before Ollie suffers his death at the hands of Superman, the very last thought in his head was about how he felt that he had let Dinah down. It was truly a heartbreaking moment that’s sure to stick with comic fans for the duration of the series, but it was something special to see a relationship that was so deep on so many levels.

Sue & Reed Richards

Quite possibly the most famous relationship in all of comics! Not only are these two heroes total badasses, they run the most powerful family in the Marvel Universe. Reed and Sue have both saved the day numerous times, but their relationship has been a beacon of hope for many of the characters in their universe that they can lead at least halfway normal lives.

Batwoman & Renee Montoya

Batwoman was one of the biggest surprises of the New 52 as far as critically acclaimed series go. The art was spectacular as was the writing, but this book caused DC to become the target of a lot of hatred when they wouldn’t allow the creative team to allow these two characters to marry; that controversy isn’t the point of this article though. Kate Kane and Renee exemplify everything that this list stands for and you can’t help but love the passion that they sparked when the creative team left the book for the reasons they did!

Scott Lang (Ant-Man) & Darla Deering (Ms. Thing)

The romance between these two characters was a side story during the unforgettable run of FF by Matt Fraction, Mike Allred, and Lee Allred. Like most classic love stories, our two heroes tip toed around each other throughout the entire run. FF was the redemption of Scott Lang after letting his daughter die at the hands of Doom and the epitome of how far he’s truly come was the payoff at the end of the series; he and Darla share a romantic moment and kiss. While the series was extremely well received I truly believe this couple deserves to have their relationship grow and fleshed out into another ongoing since FF is finished.

Batman & Catwoman

This is another relationship that’s been teased to us numerous times; my favorite adaptation of it happened in Batman: Hush. Batman is in the midst of solving a deep investigation involving an old friend in Tommy Elliot only to realize that he’s been wrong to ignore his feelings towards Selina all of these years. It comes to a head when Bruce reveals his true identity to her and even shows her the Batcave. (Even while Robin protests!) In true Batman form though, it’s all taken away from him when he realizes how deep the corruption of the case he’s investigating runs and he realizes that he can’t trust his own judgment when it comes to Selina, leaving her to stand alone once again.

Black Bolt and Medusa

The Inhuman King and Queen folks! What can I say about these two that hasn’t already been said? I WILL say though, as great as these two are together, they’re only just getting started. With Marvel making a huge push on making the Inhumans more prominent characters in their universe, we’re sure to see this power couple expand their empire a great deal over the next few years! Stay tuned!

These couples definitely aren’t the only great couples in comics, and yes I’m aware that I picked mostly DC characters for the list! I want to see what you guys think and I want to hear your picks below! Marvel, DC, Image, or anything else I want to see your thoughts in the comments below!

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