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A new Batman comic is on the way… and this time he’s black.

September 4th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Whether its Bruce, Thomas or Damian Wayne you can’t argue that each of them make a badass Batman. Well, it looks like DC have plans for the caped crusader next year with a new Batman that’s not a Wayne, or Caucasian for that matter.

Up to this point the front runner through the comics has been Duke Thomas, one of the thousands of kids who have joined the “We are Robin” movement and since joined the main team with Bats as The Signal, however since we have also learned that the new Batman will be Black that means Duke is off the table.

So who is on the table then? If they don’t decide to create a whole new person for it then there’s two people that I can see taking the mantle, both variations of Batwing.

The first to take the mantle of Batwing was the Congolese police office David Zavimbe, originally part of Batman Incorporated he looked after the African city of Tinasha  giving him the title “Batman of Africa”, he was since replaced by Luke Fox, the son of Lucius Fox, the business manager at Wayne Enterprises along with being the creator of a lot, if not all of Batman’s tech and goodies.

Both of these options would work extremely well, another one they could do would be to take someone who is currently teaming up with the Batman such as Black Lightning in Batman and the Outsiders, I think this would be quite a fresh take on the character and would be interesting to see a Batman with powers instead of always having to rely on his tech.

With so many options on characters already been created along with the chance to create someone completely new it will be interesting to see which avenue they’ll take and what comes out at the end.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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