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Actors test out for Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four

February 6th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Fox and Director Josh Trank are still in the process of casting the main characters for their reboot of Fantastic Four. According to The Hollywood Reporter a number of actors have tested for roles just this week.

Kate Mara (Shooter) who was previously mentioned and new to the mix Emmy Rossum (Shameless) have both tested for the part of Sue Storm. Miles Teller, who has been mentioned for some time, has tested for the role of Reed Richards. The site also notes that British actor Christian Cooke (Magic City) tested for the role of Ben Grimm aka The Thing and that Michael B. Jordan is still the only one up for the role of Johnny Storm.

Where it really gets interesting is when they mention that once again Doctor Doom will be the villain:

“The studio is likely to go for a big name and isn’t ruling out switching genders for the role.”

What do you think about a female Dr. Doom?

Josh Trank is expected to begin filming in Baton Rouge this March. 

The Fantastic Four is set for June 19th, 2015.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



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