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FEATURE: FTN’s Movie Wish List

January 21st, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Everyone has a wish list of films that they would like to see made. Just about every book I read as a child made me want to watch it come to life on the big screen. Here is a short list of the films that I would like to see remade or are being remade here very soon. Let us know what your favorite remakes are by commenting on the bottom of the page.

Neuromancer (or the whole Sprawl Trilogy)

Imagine a world in which Neuromancer was a great film and it was directed by Christopher Nolan. I would love to live in that world. Too bad that that world isn’t our own… Yet. Fans have been clamoring for a Neuromancer film since the day it hit the shelves back in 1984. Luckily though, it is being made now by director Vincenzo Natali and will be starring Liam Neeson and Mark Wahlberg as Armitage and Case respectively. Natali does have some pretty good sci fi directing chops, as evidenced in his film Splice, but he’s no Christopher Nolan. Either way, I’m very much looking forward to this one. I just hope that the photographic treatment is less glossy and sterile than the reboot of Total Recall, and more gritty, dirty, and “realistic.”

Starship Troopers

Not saying that Paul Verhoeven did a bad job with his movie adaptation, but it really didn’t jive with the book. To have an almost shot for shot remake of the classic sci-fi novel would not only make an exciting film to watch, but would possibly spark a great debate about war, military culture, and the right of suffrage among citizens (especially on the heels of the last election). A more serious reboot would help to bring some fine special effects to the big screen as well as get a more substantial national debate going than the giant flop known as Prometheus.

Akira (live action)

Pretty much the granddaddy of all modern anime films and heck, even modern science fiction itself, Akira has such a compelling story and is chock full of frenetic and powerful set pieces that it would be a shame not to give it a brush up and turn it into a live-action feature film. Although, much like the nuclear blast in the opening credits, Akira is still too hot to touch. It would about the worst thing that could happen to a director or writer who tried to remake Akira and failed. They would be forever known as the person who screwed up Akira. It’s understandable that this hasn’t seen a reboot, but it would be great to see someone try.

Mad Max

This is also being rebooted very soon. Much like the Neuromancer film, this film has been in production for about 20 years but has just fallen victim to bad luck and poor timing along the way. They started filming in 2003 but had to scrap it soon after due to the wars being waged in the Middle East. They have since returned to Namibia and plan to have the film finished by 2013 and released in 2014. Hopefully, they can keep some of the original camp and the grit but make it more legitimate.


The 1997 dark, “reboot” of sorts was just not a good film. It was choppy and poorly cast and the acting was wooden and Spawn just didn’t have is classic Spawn energy. On the pages of the comic, Spawn just radiates energy and power, but the movie had Spawn being depressed and slow talking and not fun to watch on any level. A talented remake with a bigger budget and a better cast would be a nice change to the recent slate of “happier” comic character reboots of late like Spider-Man, Superman, and X-Men.

Ninja Scrolls

There have been several attempts to get this anime up on its feet as a live action flick, but none have been remotely successful. With the success of The Matrix and other anime influenced films of late, Ninja Scrolls would really have a solid audience already built in. Anime wouldn’t be so much of a culture shock for most Americans, and it could definitely pave the way for something like an Akira remake, which would be dope.

Vampire Hunter D

Such a great vampire franchise and a great anime altogether, it would be a dream come true to see this gem translated onto the big screen in a live action reboot. I could imagine either Franka Potente or Milla Jovovich as the lead in the American remake. I think that now would be a good time to do a whole re-imagining of vampires in general, now that the last of the Twilight sparkly vampire movies is coming out. Vampire Hunter D would be a great way to help heal the damage that’s been caused by the tween vampire craze.

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