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Final Fantasy 14 Why You Should Play This MMO

September 26th, 2022 by The Nerd Comments

The famous Final Fantasy series has long won the hearts of console players and gradually appeared before players on all platforms in the MMO genre.

Modern graphics, interesting plot, great online and interesting format. Optionally, you can order ff14 boost and not pump it yourself.

Why you should try Final Fantasy for yourself:

  • Plot
  • Game world
  • Complete freedom of action
  • Community
  • Class system


Usually in MMO RPGs little attention is paid to the plot and there are reasons for this. Some players simply do not want to know anything about the game world except for the part they are in contact with, or vice versa – the LOR is so deep that it will only interest the fans of the game, and not casual players.

The whole plot of the game is built on the principle of a single player, which adds to the player a sense of presence and an influencing factor on the game story. All quests are accompanied by cut scenes and highlight the player during the game.

Also, the player in the process of passing will meet numerous minor characters who are interested in the project, have their own character and skills and unpredictable participation in adventures. So your companion can suddenly die after many hours of adventure and leave you in a dramatic way.

The game is not afraid to tell and connect the stories of characters from various expansions. The player is guaranteed political upheavals, intrigues and the completion of the stories of characters that have been going on since the first versions of the game.

Game world

Despite the seam of the world – between locations is loading. The world of Final Fantasy is built on the constant feeling of a long adventure, which is what the project is. The player goes through quest after quest and only begins to feel the size and beauty of the game world.

The game world encourages hiking to enjoy the beauties of game locations. Distances between cities and villages are not as large as in WoW, but still feel good when moving.

Some game locations while traveling will resemble the Elder Scrolls Skyrim universe, where the player rides a mount through a snow storm, feeling the roar of the wind and not seeing much of the road ahead until the nearest camp.

From pleasant – gradually the player will reach the plot task, which will open the first flying animal on which it will be possible to travel.

Complete freedom of action

The game provides for the implementation of the main storyline, for the completion of which the player is given about a hundred game hours.

But the game does not impose the fulfillment of the main task, and it is quite possible to do everything that the player likes.

Travel, go to raids, participate in PVP. Of the interesting – the game has a casino with various activities – Mahjong (Japanese dominoes) Fashion Week, simulators with activities to measure strength and more.

There are competitive and fun activities like card games, racing and dodging monster attacks on a last man standing basis.

In Final Fantasy MMO, you can buy a house, master musical instruments and play any music on them on the street and craft things.


For players who came to the game from Dota, or other projects with a fairly large number of toxic players, it will be a pleasant surprise how friendly and gentle the community is in Final Fantasy.

Newcomers are helped to understand the game, they don’t get kicked out of raids for missteps, and players can just chat nicely with each other in a big city while sitting in a local café.

Class system

Interestingly, in Final Fantasy, all class are tied to one character, and you do not need to create a new hero to try out another class.

There are many additional professions in the game that need to be upgraded, but any collection of resources does not occur with a mouse click – the player needs to play the mini-game and correctly fulfill all the requirements, otherwise there will be a failure when collecting resources and crafting.

Each profession even has a storyline that needs to be completed in turn-based quests.

All classes have a balanced system without meta inequality. So between the most popular and not popular class there is a spread of only 5 percent. The game encourages gameplay of all classes for balance of power and the right balance of playgroups in raids, or in PVP.

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