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FTN’s Video Game News #5

January 12th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

It’s that time of the week where I lay down the law on game news. This week has been full of revelations and DLC news, so I’m crashing through the walls of horrible news looking for the best for you awesome people.


Black Ops 2 DLC ‘Revolution’ Confirmed:

There was ‘leaks’ and speculation flying around like seagulls looking for a packet of crisps.
Now Treyarch have decided it was time to release the information that everyone had figured out anyhow.

The new maps are as follows:

Hydro – It’s a hydroelectric dam in Pakistan which has this awesome middle point which actually floods with water, so campers beware this isn’t the map for you.


Mirage – a luxury resort in the Gobi desert which has been sandstorm and windswept to death. There are massive sand dunes in between the building allowing you freedom to reach vantage points and second floor windows without running up one set of stairs.


Downhill – which is a ski resort in the French Alps, it has long lines of sight for all you snipers out there and in the middle a ski lodge which will be a point which teams will want to take over.
There are also ski gondolas which move around the map giving you cover but also killing you if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time so be careful.


Grind – a skate park in Venice Beach? Sounds awesome to me, there are no corners in this map just lovely curves. Now all I need is a board and some moves and we can get a skate and gun game that no one has ever wanted.

Also there will be a new zombie map,

Die Rise – takes place in a high rise in China, you will be in some crazy rooms running the hell away from zombies whilst working out how to traverse lift shafts and stairways.

The new mode for zombies ‘turned’ will be a part of this DLC allowing you to be a zombie and chase after one lone human survivor, when you kill that human you spawn as a new one and it is your turn to be the hunted. Sounds fun.

Last but not least is the new weapon that is being added. The peacekeeper SMG is a mix between an SMG and assault rifle and I can see it quickly become a must have in most loadouts.
This is interesting because it is the first gun to ever be released in a Call of Duty game and would be nice to become the start of a new trend.

This DLC will be released on 29th January for the Xbox360 and later for PS3 and PC.

Check the trailer here.


DayZ Stand Alone Held Back For Good Reason:

The DayZ stand alone will be an important game and there is no way they should rush it but they have to capitalise on the success of the mod as fast as possible so it really is a toss-up.

Dean Hall the developer blogged this:

“DayZ Standalone isn’t here because we had the chance to go from making a game that was just the mod improved slightly, packaged simply and sold, to actually redeveloping the engine and making the game the way we all dreamed it could be,”

It seems like the game will not only be better looking but run better too. All I can say is here at FTN we can’t wait to play it.

If you can’t wait that long for DAYZ why not pass the long wait playing some poker at


New Remember Me Trailer Includes Much Awaited Gameplay Footage:

I say Remember Me and people think of the R-Patz movie but it really isn’t a game version of that film, in fact it is far from it.
You play ‘Nilin’ who is a sort of memory hitman, she hunts for people’s memories to steal them (like the original job of Leonardo Dicaprio in Inception), you wander around a Neo-Paris in the year 2084 which has become a surveillance state with robots protecting citizens.

This latest trailer is cool and this is a game that could be fun or could be deadly repetitive depending on how it goes. Watch the trailer here.



PS Vita Sales On The Low End:

The CEO of Sony, Kazuo Hirao has admitted that sales of the PlayStation Vita are on the “Lower end” of their expectations.
To be honest this isn’t a big shock considering the Vita is so expensive and the memory cards are way too expensive too. There aren’t enough good games for many serious gamers to move over to portable gaming.
If Sony want it to sell they need to push the price down a touch, even if it is cutting their own throat or it will bomb just like the PSP.



Sims 3 ‘University Life’ and ‘ Island Paradise’:

Two new add on packs for the Sims 3 have been announced. University life will be released in March and will allow Sims to attend University and get themselves a diploma, you can also join a frat and have a lot of animal house style fun.

The next is Island Paradise which lets Sims take control of a massive houseboat and go sailing to find exotic islands, you can then build and manage those islands. You can also scuba dive to the bottom of the ocean. It will be released in June.

If you are a Sims fan I’m sure you will love the sound of these add ons.



Fallout 4?:

Todd Delums the actor who voiced Three Dog in Fallout 3 Tweeted a couple of Fallout 4 titbits this week.

“To all my #Fallout3 and #ThreeDog fans: There may be more of the Dog coming! Fingers crossed!”

“How was that for a tease! I was given permission to release that tease, so fingers crossed.”

So he got permission to do this? Seems Bethseda are happy to start teasing information for Fallout 4 to get the ball rolling. All I can say is that this can only get better.



Microsoft Illumiroom:

Microsoft have shown us their Kinect style technology Illumiroom which mixes Kinect with a projector to project images around your room.
The Kinect technology will measure your room and project onto the surfaces, this means that games will have more room than just your standard TV and be able to move into some kind of augmented reality.
Be prepared for your jaw to drop to the floor, catch the video here.



Official Tomb Raider Controller:

To be released alongside the game is a controller that looks battle scarred. I personally like a more functional controller than an asthetic one, but this controller does have a certain look to it. There will be some crazy Tomb Raider fans who will love to have this and they should pick this little gem up whilst limited edition stocks last.



The Walking Dead Survival Instinct To Release March:

The Walking Dead FPS game Survival Instinct has been confirmed to be released on March 29th on various consoles.

It will follow Merle and Daryl on their journey from their home town to Atlanta where you meet them in the TV show.
The pictures of this game haven’t impressed me yet but I will wait and see until I make my final opinion.

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