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Halle Berry promises “shocking” and “revealing” Storm in X-Men: Days of Future Past

August 3rd, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


In the newest issue of Total Film magazine they talk with Halle Berry about her career and her role as Storm in the upcoming  X-Men: Days of Future Past. When asked about the difference in the experience of Bryan Singer’s movie and Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand, the actress says:

“They’re like apples and oranges, they could not be more different. That’s for sure. The way they work is different. What you feel is different… Not that one is better or worse – they’re just very different. I was so happy to work with Bryan [Singer] again and I think it was nice for everyone to get back together. I wasn’t in as much as I was meant to be though,” Halle adds, referring to her pregnancy. “That kind of coloured what my involvement could be, which was why I was one of the first ones in and the first ones out,” she says. “My ever-growing belly was posing a constant challenge! What I could do was getting more limited so the role that I play is so different from what it could have been, due to my surprise pregnancy. But there’s something very revealing and shocking about Storm in this movie that I thought was needed. There are some things you find out about her that I think give you much more insight into who she is.”

 Berry also comments on X-Men: Days of Future Past feeling so much much bigger than the previous installments:

 “I think it’s big because there are so many X-Men in the movie. There’s the young X-Men and there’s the X-Men that started it all off. Just so many X-Men! You’re gonna get to see some more than other, but they’re all there. I think that adds to the bigness of it. The concept of the movie is pretty big too. The urgency is more important this time round. The threat is greater too.

Source: Total Film Magazine

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