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How to Combine a Love of Gaming with an Interest in Gambling

May 24th, 2022 by The Nerd Comments

This can be a very difficult topic to discuss because there is so much controversy over the way in which the two terms are often used interchangeably.

However, for gamers who want to dabble in a bit of wagering from time to time, they may not see why there is so much attention on the differentiation of terms. The only real difference is, in their eyes, the payoff.

In that respect, they have a valid point so let’s develop that a little so that we can better understand ways to combine a love of gaming with a gamer’s interest in gambling.

How Critics View the Use of “Gaming” for Casino Games

For just a moment, consider the fact that casino games are just that, games. So, to say that someone who wagers on slot games is not gaming is a misrepresentation of what they are doing! They may be placing a bet to spin slot games in the hopes of a ‘win,’ but isn’t that exactly what they are doing when ‘buying’ extra lives or weapons in an online video game. All you need to do is read a few reviews on a site like Jackpot Casino Games to see that these are, indeed, games. They review top games in several categories like card games, table games and games of almost pure chance, slot games and craps, which, contrary to public opinion, do have a bit of strategy involved.

In online video games, players are spending money to buy items in the hopes of winning against opponents. It’s the hopes or chances for winning that is really what’s at stake here so that’s at the heart of all the controversy. Aren’t gamers who buy those extra lives or weapons gambling as well? Aren’t they spending money in the hopes of winning against opponents, real or digital?

One More Perspective on the Use of Gaming for Gambling

Oddly, even the earliest use of the term ‘gaming’ dating back to the year 1510 is being challenged. Those who claim that the casino industry is using the terms interchangeably to their advantage point to the fact that early forms of gambling were originally called gaming!  The use of gaming for gambling is cited in a book by James Philp Quinn, Fools of Fortune and cited in a book published in 1988 by Thomas L. Clarke, Dictionary of Gambling and Gaming which may be available to read online when requested here.

Clarke writes that some people like to believe that the gambling industry re-invented the word gaming as a ploy to get people to gamble. He cites the definition of the word gaming as “the action or habit of playing at games of chance for stakes” as it appeared in the original work by Quinn in 1510. However, the word gambling didn’t really appear until 265 years later when the terms gambling or gambler were used in a derogatory way to allude to unusually high stakes being wagered.

The above serves as a backdrop to explain how to combine a love for gaming with an interest in gambling because in effect, they can be one and the same thing.

The Real Issue Is Addiction

In the end, you will find that the real issue is the subject of addiction. Critics of online casinos say that it is addiction that is at the root of their complaints. They believe looking for that one ‘big win’ is what drives addiction, and they may not be far off base. However, it can be the same in gaming so why the controversy? In truth, there are some players who are addicted to their gaming systems, whether they are PlayStation by Sony, Xbox by Microsoft, or even PCs for gaming. How many people do you personally know that are difficult to rip away from the game if they are in the heat of it?

As mentioned above, it costs money to buy extra lives or newer and bigger weapons when playing the leading video games of today. The propensity for addiction is in the person, not the game or the activity. That needs to be made clear which is why there are rules a gamer should follow when trying to combine their love for gaming with an interest in gambling.

The Rules According to Steve Rose

You absolutely can combine a love of gaming with an interest in gambling if you follow the very same rules that you would for video games, or anything else in life for that matter. Remember, any passion in life can become an obsession, an addiction, so it pays to understand the rules for a safe lifestyle free from being ruled by that which you want to rule.

According to Steve Rose, PhD., he believes there is a way to prevent addiction before it happens. This can easily be applied to gambling. Dr Rose is an addiction counsellor with extensive experience as an academic researcher. He believes that it is possible to enjoy gambling if you follow a few rules. His rules are as follows:

  1. Set a limit on money before you make that very first wager.
  2. Set the same kind of limit in terms of time. Limit yourself carefully.
  3. Don’t expect to win money but play for entertainment.
  4. Learn and understand the game.

Each of those should be relatively self-explanatory but sometimes you need an extra ‘push’ to stick with the rules. The key is in rule number 4. One of the main reasons why so many players keep pushing beyond the limits they’ve set is because of mistakes they make during the play and that just frustrates them even more.

It’s easy to keep buying weapons, let’s say, in a multiplayer game online, if you keep losing yours because you don’t understand how to use them or how to avoid being trapped by the enemy. The same holds true for betting in online casinos. Perhaps it would be better to stick with pure games of chance in the very beginning because there isn’t much to learn except for how to spin the digital wheel.

Your Key Takeaway – Don’t Expect to Win!

Look at it this way. If you go into an online casino expecting to win, how can you possibly enjoy yourself if Lady Luck isn’t smiling on you that day? You are looking for a way to combine your love of gaming with a bit of gambling and the only way to truly love something is to have fun with it. You don’t need the stress of constantly being worried about whether or not the house has your card ready to be dealt or if you are going to line up all those little fruits on the slot games you play.

If you think about gambling simply as a game to play, you can have more fun than you ever imagined. With that said, do take the time to read a few reviews before venturing into a casino. As Dr Rose says, understand the game before trying to play it. If you are trying to learn as you play it will not be nearly as much fun as it will be once you know how to play.

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