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JJ Abrams’ Spider-man comic gets a trailer

August 27th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

With Sony and Marvel having issues right now, it’s nice to see something new still happening with Spider-Man with JJ Abrams and son partnering with legendary Spider-Man artist Sara Pichelli and Marvel editor Nick Lowe.

With young Henry Abrams starting to follow in his father’s footsteps, could you imagine anything better to start off your career than by co-writing a comic with one of, if not the, most iconic hero of all time?

“Spider-Man in general has been one of the most interesting super hero characters to me – how when he gets stronger, his problems get bigger.” Henry says.

“A large focus on our series was Spider-Man as a person and not just him as a mask. So how does he deal with these real issues? It’s been a pleasure exploring that.”

So not only do we get some new writers with new ideas for this Spider-Man, but it also looks like we’re gonna be getting a new villain by the name of Cadaverous. Lowe had a few thing to say on the new villain like “Cadaverous is one of the most terrifying Spider-Man villains of all time, and that’s saying something, Spidey has faced the Green Goblin, Carnage, Venom, and Cadaverous might be even scarier and a little bit grosser than any of them.”

JJ and son have also released a little video in conjunction with Marvel talking about the new project that we have bellow.

Spider-Man #1 is set to be released September 18th across all comic stores and on the Marvel app.

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