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John Carpenter’s Joker: Year of the Villain comic looks fantastic

October 4th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Earlier this year we brought you the news that legendary writer John Carpenter was bringing us this years year of the villain comic with Joker, well it’s a few weeks early but here we can show you a little something something of what to expect.

Cover art and a few inside pages have been released so we can get an idea of what we’re looking at, and wow, I haven’t seen something to this standard since The Killing Joke.

Earlier this year, Carpenter and co-writer Anthony Burch talked about their work and how it ties in with the current Batman run, City of Bane.

The main thing that’s changed in Gotham is that Bane is in charge and there’s basically no law anymore to speak of, the inmates are running the asylum, except the asylum is now the entirety of Gotham City. So what we wanted to play with is the idea of: “Well, Joker exists to create chaos and throw a wrench in the works. What does that look like in a city where chaos is already reigning?’ How do you be the crazy guy that’s surprising everyone when the world has already gone insane? He basically decides, ‘Well, maybe I’ll try to be a vigilante, and he does a very, very Joker-centric version of that’.”

Apparently we can expect plenty of gore and darkness and that’s just what I want from DC. Year of the Villain Joker will be out in your local comic retailer October 9th so get ready people and stay nerdy.

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