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Marvel Teases Phase 3 With “Fake” Interviews?

July 27th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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So to help build up Ant-Man, Marvel did some “interviews” with the actual characters in the movie. I.E. Scott Lang and Darren Cross. But what caught the eye of some fans was the scrolling marquee at the bottom. While some of it may be “standard” world stuff, there are some teases to Black Panther, Hulk, and possibly Spider-Man. Oh, and parts of Ultron has apparently survived, that can’t be good! Others actually show possible buildup for the upcoming Civil War. Little details my friends.

Here’s the full rundown from the marquee. Check it out:

• … has resurfaced in eastern europe remain unconfirmed after many thought the organization to be dissolved

• California braces for record drought

• Renowned astrophysicist Jane Foster to Lecture on her experiences with interspace and dimensional travel

• Rogue Hydra Agent Wolfgang Von Strucker confirmed, dead, his body was found in its cell after a supposed raid on an eastern detention facility

• Earthquake rocks South Africa.

• Steve Rogers to attend updated museum exhibit dedicated to his heroic efforts in WWII

• California continues efforts to address issues from record drought

• Stark Industries announces new scholarships for promising students from urban city schools

• Multiple countries recovering from catastrophic damage caused by sentient robot Ultron

• Leaders asking for aid, and for the avengers to be held accountable

• Senate hearings expected to continue into next week regarding relief efforts

• Tony Stark says that public concerns about Dr. Bruce Banner are “Baseless” and “Irresponsible” after the South Africa incident involving the hulk

• Pym technologies CEO Darren Cross says “Astonishing” new venture coming this week

• Winning lottery ticket of $675 million still unclaimed

• Biography “The life and times of industrialist Howard Stark” to be published later this year

• Efforts to recover the remaining Ultron technology continue, as components from the advanced robotics are capturing large sums on the black market

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