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Microsoft to Distribute Kinect-less Xbox One

May 13th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

It’s never uncommon for things to change in a new console cycle. Prices, bundles, new controllers, it’s all par for the course. Today, Microsoft has made a change for its new console, the Xbox One, and it’s one that fans have been asking to happen for a long time.

On June 9th of this year, there will be Kinect free Xbox One for people to purchase. Due to this, the cost of the console will go from $499 to $399, a significant drop.

When it was announced that the Xbox One would come out with the Kinect as a part of the package, the fans were… not so happy. This seemed like force-feeding, and unnecessary. This was amplified when it became clear that many of the Xbox One’s games didn’t use the Kinect at all. Not the least of which is the recent Titanfall.

And so, Microsoft has listened to the fans and will ship a new Kinect-less version. This is yet another change in a long trend of Microsoft altering their strategy based on fan response. We’ll see how this will affect both sales of the Xbox One, and how it affects the games that come out for it as time goes on.

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