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Ray Park wants to be Snake Eyes and Darth Maul again!

July 3rd, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

We all know there will be a third G.I Joe movie and it’s pretty much a given that Snake Eyes will kick ass like he’s done in the first two. I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t go with Ray Park again but you never know. Clone Wars fans will also know that Darth Maul did not meet his end like we all thought in Episode I.

MTV Geek got a chance to talk with Ray Park at Wizard World NYC, and the actor explained that though he’s hoping to be asked back for G.I. Joe 3:

“Nothing’s ever safe or guaranteed in the movie business.”

He goes on to say that if he does get to play Snake Eyes again, he wants to have the character dual wield swords, like the action figure, as well have him ride a motorbike and be accompanied by his wolf sidekick Timber.

But what about Darth Maul? It might seem unlikely that Disney will go the same route as Clone Wars with their new Star Wars movies, but it’s a big galaxy out there. Park tells MTV that he’d love the chance to return:

“Just give me food and water, and I’m there.”

He also says he wants two double-bladed lightsabers to show a meaner, badder Maul. Park would also like to go shirtless and show off more of  Maul’s Nightbrother clan tattoos. Way to fight for the role!

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Source: MTV Geek

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