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RUMOR: Did The Rock reveal that he’s John Stewart….months ago?!

February 4th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Ever since Dwayne The Rock Johnson revealed that he’s is involved a WB/DC project, speculation has been rampant. Most signs point to him being involved in Justice League, but as who?

Fans seem split between Cyborg or Green Lantern John Stewart.

 Well, it appears he may have given us a hint months ago.


Check out the last hashtag:


 Now let’s look at some previous tweets by the Rock:


Again this is not confirmation by any means, but he’s obviously a John Stewart fan. Unless he’s Doomsday as some fans think, which I believe would be a waste of his charisma and star power, John Stewart does seem most likely.

What do you think about The Rock as John Stewart? It doesn’t even have to be a total reboot if they acknowledge Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern film.

Source: SuperHeroMovieNews

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