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SDCC 2017: Todd McFarlane teases Spawn movie announcement tomorrow…

July 21st, 2017 by Mark McCann Comments

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane’s been preaching a Spawn remake for over a decade now, with promises that the horror aesthetic closer to the animated tv show, that was sadly missing from the Michael Jai White starring original and directed by visual effects artist Mark A.Z. Dippé.

McFarlane’s been preaching it, but we’ve yet to see it. Word from the man himself though (below), is that that’s all about to change.

By 1997’s standards, the original certainly looked the part thanks to Dippé’s background, and White was a decent Al Simmons. Everything else about the film however, made for one of the early comic book abominations and it tanked commercially and critically.

In spite of this, McFarlane has kept the candle burning for his creation and at 2pm standard time tomorrow an announcement will be made regards the new film.

Tune in Spawn fans, to see what that may be… we’ll keep you all up-to-date…

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