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The Gains Kids Get From Reading Comics

January 27th, 2021 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


For a long time now, comics have always been viewed as a waste of time by parents. If you speak to many parents about whether they would let their kids read comics, you will most likely be met with a resounding NO!

Even when you find parents who do not take comic book reading to be a waste of time, mostly, they will have a negative view of these artworks. Most people think that comic book reading is one of the main culprits charged with instilling violent behavior in kids.

It is essential to point out that this school of thought is highly misinformed. Even though many comic books would pit a superhero against a villain, the aim here is not to encourage the kids to develop violent behavior but rather to believe in themselves and face their fears head-on.

Since comics mainly consist of pictures and a few texts in between, most parents have also come to believe that there is no way that they can be a tool that improves children’s reading skills. This is one reason why comics have been degraded to some distraction or a simplified reading version that is not helpful to kids.

However, the tide is now changing. People are starting to realize that comic books are beneficial to young children. Gone is the perception that kids are only looking at pictures when it comes to comic books and is not gaining anything useful.

In this blog, we will look at four of the most significant benefits of comic reading, especially when it comes to young children. We are going to see the many different ways in which comics can help our children study better. Some of the benefits children acquire from reading comics include:

Increases Exposure

Compared to the traditional books that we read in school, comics expose students to a very insightful and unique writing style. The variety that comics bring into play ensures that students are always eager to read, which is a very positive thing.

While it is true that access to the internet also exposes students to lots of reading material, it also enables students to acquire comic books to read more easily. Other students (for example, those in college) can access do my homework services with a lot of ease.

Improves Their Reading Skills

As we have seen above, comics bring a new and exciting dynamic into the classroom, making learning even more exciting. This means that the kids will view reading as an entertaining activity rather than something the teacher usually forces them to do.

When the kids get interested in reading, then their reading skills will have to improve as well. Therefore, it is best to incorporate comics into the classroom setting to keep the kids hooked and interested in reading at all times.

Gives Kids a Confidence Boost

One of the main benefits of using comics as a learning tool is that it makes it easier for students to learn how to read. This is mainly due to one reason, the illustrations therein. A kid is struggling with the reading, looking at the accompanying pictures quickly helps them get some cues on what is expected of them, which enables them to read faster.

This shows that illustrations help reading become a bit easier for kids. This makes them happy about themselves as they believe they can read. The confidence gained here helps them improve their reading skills and do well in school activities all around.

Improves Their Writing Skills

As we have seen, comics easily capture the attention of kids. These books help stimulate these students’ innovative capabilities as they try to understand precisely what they are seeing and reading sums up to.

The fact that comics help fire up the kids’ imagination plays a significant role in growing the kids’ story writing skills. This is all because story writing is directly linked to a kids’ creativity. One is required to use their innovative capacity to conjure a good story to write down for their teacher. Reading comics helps grow this capacity, which is a positive thing.

Reading comic books does have a very positive effect on the education of small kids. Comic books can be both entertaining and educating for all of us too. This is why the implementation of these books should be a priority in our education system. The benefits of comic book reading are evident, and we cannot afford to ignore this fact.

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