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WATCH: Xbox One unboxing and details

August 8th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has today revealed what you will be getting inside the box when you buy a Xbox One console at launch and yes it does come with a headset.

When you get the console home in the box you will find a special Day One edition of the console itself, a specially branded controller that will also have Day One stamped on it, a HDMI 2 cable that is capable of not only outputting in 1080P but also in 3D and 4K, the usual manuals that give you all the information you need about the console itself, a mono headset, the power brick that is needed so the console functions and the Kinect sensor.

The console itself will come in a matt blacks and will feature a 500gb hard drive, a slot loaded Blu-Ray drive, a blaster port, HDMI input and output connector, a S/PDIF interface, the new Kinect sensor port, three USB ports, wired and wireless network support and a Kensington security slot.

When you get the Kinect unit up and running you will find out that they have fully improved on the gesture and voice control, the camera is now in 1080p which will give you a greater picture when using it for Skype, the sensor has been vastly improved so it’s easy to pick out objects in low light and it will have four microphones for better sound quality.

The Xbox One controller has also had a bit of a upgrade which includes a fully redesigned D-pad, redesigned thumb sticks for a better grip and feel, new buttons which are menu and view replacing the start and select buttons, the triggers and bumpers have also been redesigned to offer more accuracy and final force feedback has been added to the triggers for FPS games etc.

Microsoft have gone one record a lot stating that the Xbox One will not come with a headset as you’ll be able to use the Kinect sensor however they have changed this, in the box you will find a mono headset that is used for chatting over Xbox Live.

One other quick thing to note is that if you want to be able to use the DVR function on the Xbox One you will need Xbox Live gold to be able to do this.

No release date has been announced yet but Microsoft want to get the console out in 21 territories by the end of November.

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