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Andy Muschietti planning to tackle live action Attack on Titan

December 16th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Even if you’ve never heard his name you’ll definitely know his work, Andy Muschietti directed both of the latest IT movies and has also been connected to direct DC’s Flash movie, although for now he also has his sights set in the anime world looking at doing his own live action Attack on Titan.

In a recent interview, Muschietti talked about why he wanted to tackle such an iconic anime.

“Well, I am fascinated by Attack on Titan as a story that I first saw in the anime and then the manga. Probably in the wrong order. But that’s how it came to me. And I find it fascinating.

“There’s a lot of themes there that I’m attracted to and I want to talk to. And it’s also a fascinating horror adventure. There’s also all the elements of human drama that are very strong in there. All of that is really attracted to me. So, I really want to do it.”

And I’ll give him that, AoT sucked me in when I first watched it, it’s just one of them shows where you can’t get too attached to the characters as you quite simply don’t know if they’re going to survive or not.

The film will be a joint venture with Warner Bros and the Japan-based publishing company Kodansha, one of the world’s leading manga publishers with works including Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon and Fairy Tale.

After this the director has plans to tackle a lesser known anime with a Macross/Robotech adaption, and that’s basically exactly what it sounds like, lots of robots. Fighting robots.

Although there’s no timeline for the movies right now you can be sure we’ll bring you the news as it comes out. Til the stay nerdy folks.

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