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Batman and Lex leaked scene from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition may lead into Suicide Squad…

June 15th, 2016 by Marc Comments


Ok, so we all know we’re only weeks out from the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: The Ultimate Cut and, while not everyone is, we here at FTN are very excited to see who it changes things up.

Here, first off, are a few of things we can expect, thanks to our friends over at Squareeyed:

The JL setup is still the email scene (unfortunately). Dan Ambroyer, rumoured to be Green Lantern, is actually playing a nameless drone pilot who is in it for about five seconds.

There is nothing to do with The Joker. 

There is no significant addition during the Knightmare sequence, apparently just 10-15 seconds of extra footage.

The following are the assembled thoughts of commenters on the Reddit sub who have watched the leaked version.

R-rated content: “The gun violence in Africa is bloodier. The warehouse scene has a few more punches, I think an extra broken arm (not graphic). Guy hit with crate has blood when his head hits the wall. Some blood mist on shot of Batman when he’s hitting the guy on the ground. Batman punches guy pinned to wall.”

Lex Luthor’s motivations become clearer and more sensical: “To a viewer it’s more obvious earlier on that Lex is manipulating things. But it’s mostly little things, such a Perry telling Clark he was requested by an unknown person to cover the Library event, or how KG Beast arranges for the branded guy to get killed after being transferred to a Metropolis prison, which makes it more obvious that Lex sent the photos to Clark. Things like that.”

The ‘Communion Scene’: “It’s between final shot of Superman dead and Lex getting his head shaved. After Perry sees the newspaper there’s 3-4 shots of an empty Daily Planet, empty streets, coffee shops, etc., implying that the day of the funeral is a national day of mourning. The main Daily Planet staff (Perry, Jenny), Pete, the Priest and a woman who is supposedly Lana are at the Kent funeral. Generally it’s cut a bit longer. Priest has a speech at the gravesite reading about the resurrection from the Bible (people wanting subtlety here will be frustrated). Pete tells Martha she doesn’t need to worry about the funeral costs as an anonymous donator has it covered. This is when we see the pan that reveals Bruce standing back from the gravesite as Lois continues to mourn.”

However, what we are concentrating on, is the scene released below, which my well be the bridge between BvS and the upcoming Suicide Squad.

So, you know, SPOILERS AHEAD!

Ok, so the new scene is an extension of the end of the movie where Batman goes to Belle Reve prison to visit, well threaten, Lex Luthor.

In the new scene, Lex reveals he knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne (we know this from the movie anyway): “But who would believe me? I’m insane. Not even fit to stand trial.”

However, the big change is that, in the theatrical cut, Batman simply walks off and lets Luthor stew in his cell, however in the new cut, he tells hime he has something else entirely planned for him: “We have hospitals that treat the mentally ill with compassion. But that’s not where you’re going. I’ve arranged to have you transferred to Arkham Asylum in Gotham. I still have some friends there. And they’re expecting you.”

Now, let that sink in… the DC Fan in me is giddy at the thought of Lex Luthor going to Arkham Asylum… can you imagine what he could do there!? Who he would meet? Recruit, even?! The mind boggles…

Anyway, how does this tie into Suicide Squad? Well, If Luthor meets Harley, Joker, Deadshot, Croc etc in Arkham, it could give weight to the long-standing rumour that the squads mission in Suicide Squad may secretly involve Lex.

We know the squad are in Belle Reve in the movie from the trailer, but they all had to start somewhere and, frankly, the idea that Luthor may be secretly orchestrating things in Suicide Squad and beyond just has our comic book loving selves’ minds racing…  just remember, we still don’t know the Joker’s role in SS, and we know he and Lex aren’t totally beyond the odd team-up. Just putting that out there.

What so you all think?

Let us know.

Source: Comicbook

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