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Could we see Keanu Reeves in the DCEU… as Constantine?

September 4th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Keanu Reeves is currently the hottest person in Hollywood right now starring in the John Wick series and Toy Story 4, with Bill and Ted 3 and Matrix 4 well on the way, with all this in the works it’s no surprise that he’s been looked at by Marvel for one of its many projects including the newly announced Moon Knight.

That being said, it looks like Warner Bros are swooping in and are currently looking at the star to reprise his role as Constantine in the DCEU.

The Constantine movie came out back in 2005 as DC’s first attempt at doing something on the darker side rather than sticking to the typical Batman and Superman movies they’d been doing over the years.

In this we got to see John Constantine the occult detective battle the paranormal and exorcise demons in a race to save the world along with Chas Kramer played by co-star Shia LaBeouf and Detective Angela Dodson played by Rachel Weisz. The film did quite well with a budget of $100 million and making $230m.

Now this is all just talk for now over at WB and the word is that Keanu himself hasn’t been contacted about it yet, that being said they’re also looking at him for other parts such as a new Deathstroke and for some part in DC’s New Gods.

With both Marvel and DC looking at the actor for various parts, one of the two really need to step up and sign him quick before the other gets the chance.

Source: WGTC

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