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Did ScarJo Just Say She Wasn’t Fond of the Black Widow/Hulk Romance?

May 7th, 2015 by Todd Black 1 Comment



Ok, so though Avengers: Age of Ultron made hundreds of millions of dollars in the box office (in its first weekend), the reviews of the film aren’t so clean. Overall they’re positive, to be fair and honest, but many noted how some parts of the movie didn’t work. Some fans have noted this as well, with both sides stating how the Black Widow/Hulk relationship was very much forced. At times unbelievable.

For the record, it wasn’t because these two COULDN’T be together, it was that their scenes that “sparked” the romance were so out of character it made you wonder why it was happening. Apparently, Scarlett Johansson had the same feelings when she read the script for Age of Ultron the first time. She said the following in an interview:

“I didn’t really understand or expect the connection that these two make with one another. [It] seemed very unlikely to me when I first read the script. I met with Joss and I was like, “Why are you putting these two together?””

She went on…

“It’s kind of like the guy who was like, ‘Remember the first time we saw each other, we had something!’ And the girl is like, ‘I don’t even remember you.’”

That’s a very honest, and logical, take on it, and though she doesn’t outright say “I hated this move”, it’s clear there was some confusion amongst the cast as well as the fans.

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