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Five interesting characters currently being cast for The Flash movie

April 23rd, 2016 by Marc Comments


While Batman V Superman divided many of us here at FTN, one think we do all agree on is that we are all still very excited for what’s next in the DC Cinematic universe.

And flash is one of the things we’re most excited for.

Now we have a list of characters that it seems DC/Warners are casting right now for The Flash movie starring Ezra Miller and we like what we’re hearing.

Right, fans of the comics and the TV Series will recognise most of these names.

Iris West: “Iris West is described in the breakdown as having Christiane Amanpour’s brains and Carrie Bradshaw’s style. An overcaffinated doe. A reporter at The Central City Citizen. Actresses are currently testing for this part.”

Eobard Thawne: “Central City’s Bill Gates. The smartest man in the room and he suffers from advanced degenerative disease like Stephen Hawking. Thawne is confined to a chair.”

Fred Chyre: “A gruff detective who first meets Barry at the scene of a crime. Now they’re colleagues and the closest thing Barry has to a friend. Chryre is investigating the unusual death of someone at Thawne Laboratories.”

Jay Garrick: “A former Central University professor who was fired for fringe science, and was working on the speed force program. Supposedly his role is just a cameo.”

Len Snart: “Ex-military and turns out to be working for Thawne. Have a feeling he is the muscle the way Anatoli Knyazev (aka the KGBEAST) was the muscle for Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.”

Flash fans will recognise Snart as being the alter ego of Captain Cold. And of course, Jay Garrick is the original (Earth 2) Flash.

So there you have it. It sounds like the movie will be a very straightforward introduction to Flash and his world… will it be an origin tale? Will it be an adaptation of the first season of the TV Show?

To be honest, we’re hoping it all of the above. What about you?

Flash will speed into cinemas on March 16, 2018

Source: HeroicHollywood

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