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George Lucas’ plan for Star Wars: Episode VII is revealed…

May 9th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


George Lucas has garnered a great deal of distain from the online community over the last two decades. While I can understand some of the anger (I have seen the prequels and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), I think some of the rage borders on hyperbole.

With all of that being said, I do think a new creative vision is essential for Star Wars, as a franchise, to survive. Many are probably aware that when Disney purchased Lucasfilm, George had developed a storyline. However, up until now, it is hard to tell how much of this outline, would be used in the final product.

This changed today, with an article by Vanity Fair’s Bruce Handy. In this article, Handy wrote, “[Abrams] said Lucas’ treatment had centred on very young characters – teenagers, Lucasfilm told me – which might have struck Disney executives as veering too close for comfort to The Phantom Menace and its 9-year-old Anakin Skywalker and 13-year-old Queen Amidala. “We’ve made some departures” from Lucas’s ideas, Kennedy conceded, but only in “exactly the way you would in any development process.”

This should provide sound mind for fans, worried that we may have another Anakin Skywalker running around the film. Generally this interview fills me with confidence. I think that Kennedy comes across as very respectful towards Lucas, while not being afraid to deviate from his vision (something the prequels could have used).

Of course, we won’t know how this will turn out for a few months yet, so my fingers are crossed. For the moment.

Source: Screenrant

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