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Hayley Atwell joins the cast for Mission: Impossible 6 and 7

September 18th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

With Captain America settling down with Peggy Carter that kinda puts an end on Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell’s careers in the MCU, so it’s a good thing Hayley looks to be moving onto her next role along side Tom Cruise in the next Mission Impossible feature.

Writer/director Christopher McQuarrie took to Instagram to send a very impossible like invitation to Hayley as we can see here asking her “If you should choose to accept” in proper Mission: Impossible style. McQuarrie has done the last two M:I movies and is also on track to do two more (here) and it looks like the wonderful Atwell will be along for the ride, with the seventh to be released in 2021 with the eighth in 2022.

Now Hayley hasn’t acknowledged if she is taking the role or not, however I doubt something like this posted so publicly by the director wouldn’t have been done unless they were fairly certain that she would be taking the part, either way we’ll be sure to update you on all the news as it breaks.

Source: Variety

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