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Is Apocalyse the villain in X-Men: Days Of Future Past?

March 11th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


While it is by no means confirmed, a new report by Bleeding Cool claims that a recent interview with Bryan Singer led to the director becoming more than a little suspect when asked about the possibility of seeing Apocalypse as the main villain in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Bleeding Cool recently caught up with Bryan Singer to talk about Jack the Giant Slayer, and of course the subject of X-Men: Days of Future Past inevitably came up.

Curious as to why he was interested in the Days of Future Past story in particular, they asked Singer what the film was going to be about?:

”The movie is about destiny. What is your fate? What were you supposed to do, what should you have done when you were younger? What didn’t you do that would have made for a better future? And what if you could go back and change that. I think I’ve got the time travel – I don’t really want to call it time travel, but for want of a better word, time travel figured out. I pitched it to James Cameron and he signed off on it.”

This is the point when they wanted to shake Singer up a bit and catch him off guard, they asked him about Apocalypse:

According to Bleeding Cool upon hearing the name Apocalypse, Singer’s face changed immediately but there was no point being timid. Might as well plow ahead with the question. Would he even consider using Apocalypse in the movies? How about in Days of Future Past? His nervous answer:

“I can’t tell you…”

They asked if realizing the character of Apocalypse would require performance capture:

And now Singer looked even more nervous.

Final thoughts by Bleeding Cool: “This is how it gets started, when somebody starts piecing the little bits together. The non-verbal communication was even more compelling than what Singer was saying. If I had to bet on it, I would – we’ll be seeing Apocalypse in Days of Future Past, and he’s probably going to be a performance capture character.”

As you probably by now Apocalypse has been on my dream list for a while to see on the big screen. I was hoping Peter Dinklage would be playing him, but I’ll be happy just to see him. I just hope they do the character right if they do.

What about you guys?

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