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Mark Guggenheim says DC have big plans for Deathstroke in the movie universe

February 8th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments



The difference between DC and Marvel is that the former is choosing to keep its movie and TV universes separate (that’s a debate for another day as it looks like the multiverse will be a big part of this all in the near future). Fans know all about this. You haven’t really seen Superman (glimpses in Supergirl, aside) or Batman in a DC show – although a young Kal-El has been cast for Supergirl. However, when Amanda Waller and Deathstroke were both removed from Arrow, fans began wondering what exactly was going on.

We know that there was plans a while back for Harley Quinn in Arrow and then Deadshot was removed from the show too… so it looks like someone is, ahem, taking out the Suicide Squad.

Waller, it turned out, was to play a central role in Suicide Squad and now a rumour has emerged that Slade Wilson could be set for his own movie at some point in the future of the DC Extended Cinematic Universe.

Recently on Marc Guggenheim’s (Writer, producer, and creator for Arrow, The Flash, and Legends Of Tomorrow) Tumblr (via Squareeyed), a fan asked the following question: “You said that only Deadshot was off-limits, and Amanda Waller & Deathstroke are safe. But you guys killed Waller off just like that, and she doesn’t seem like she will ever return(Because bullet to head). Who’s next to be killed off? Katana? Once Deathstroke arrives in the DC movie, will he be also killed off too? This is really frustrating, that all awesome characters are being written off, because of the Suicide Squad movie, and is a slap to the face of Arrow fans.”

Guggenheim responded: “Um…I never said that.

While that may not have been the response the fan was hoping for, his response to another question may have inadvertently confirmed that Deathstroke will feature in DC’s upcoming slate of movies.

 “Any possible chance of either Slade or Walter returning throughout the rest of Season 4? #Arrow” Guggenheim said: “The character of Slade Wilson is currently tied up in another DC project. Walter is more likely.”

Fans are concluding that Arrow is no longer able to use this character because of his apparent inclusion in the DC cinematic universe. While we are far from getting any sort of confirmation, this is potentially hugely exciting news for DC fans.

If you don’t know who Deathstroke is, here is his bio on the DC Database Wiki: “Deathstroke is the world’s greatest assassin/mercenary and an enemy of the Teen Titans. Originally a soldier in the U.S. Army, he was part of an experimental super-soldier project where he gained enhanced strength, agility and intelligence. His vendetta against the Titans began when he swore revenge for the death of his oldest son Grant; his other two children would go on to become Titans members as Jericho and Ravager.

“Traditionally his actions have been limited by a strong personal code of honor, although his motives became more villainous following the death of his wife Adeline Kane. Through this time his only steady companion is his loyal manservant Major Wintergreen. He has been a member of Checkmate,H.I.V.E., the Injustice League, the Secret Society of Super-Villains, theTitans and Titans East. Deathstroke was created by Marv Wolfman andGeorge Perez, first appearing in New Teen Titans #2. (1980)”

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