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MARVEL MOVIE ROUND-UP: News on X-Men: Days of Future Past, Fantastic Four and Captain America: The Winter Soldier

February 24th, 2013 by Marc Comments

Although not all in the same movie universe – damn you silly law! – Marvel have many pieces in the air at the minute. With Avengers Phase 2 well underway, we’re looking forward to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the direction it’s going to take. Bryan Singer is back doing X-Men with Day of Future Past and he knows he has a bit of a mess to clean up, and it looks like the long-gestating Fantastic Four reboot has found a producer… all covered right here guys. Read on.

We all know that Chronicle director Josh Trank will look after Fantastic Four – which we think could be a potential stroke of genius – and it now looks, according to Deadline, like X-Men First Class director Matthew Vaughn will produce it along with Kerry Foster and Gregory Goodman. Given Vaughn’s great work on X-Men we reckon this could be a great bit of news. We’re officially excited for Fantastic Four now (Yeah, like we weren’t already). The script is being penned by Jeremy Slater and Fox say it’ll be out on March 6, 2015.

Captain America: The First Avenger was a fairly light-hearted boys own adventure, but according to Marvel godfather Kevin Feige the sequel will be a more complex affair.

The sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is based on Ed Brubaker’s story in the comics and according to Feige, speaking to Variety, “There’s an opportunity to graft almost sub-genres onto them. Our first Captain America film was a World War II picture, and the next is a political thriller. They all have their own textures and patinas, and that’s what is exciting about it.”

Feige maintains he wants to ensure the Avengers movies never become simple ‘superhero trend’ movies but rather will be different and feel unique with every outing. The movie is due to hit cinemas on April 14th, 2014.

And finally…

Bryan Singer has been chatting to IGN about X-Men: Days of Future Past and what challenges it has lying ahead when it comes to knitting together Matthew Vaughn’s First Class, Singer’s own original two X-Men movies and Brett Ratner’s rather lackluster X-Men: The Last Stand.

Singer admits he was unhappy with what Ratner did with X3 and that he primarily aims to use the time travel aspect of Days Of Future Past to clean up the mess that movie left behind.

Here’s a snippet of what Singer said:

IGN: One thing that’s interesting about the alternate universe/timeline in Days of Future Past is that it could potentially give you the opportunity to revisit things that happened in the third film in terms of characters and endings that you might like to see changed.

Bryan Singer: You mean, what you’re politely saying is, “fix s**t.” Is that what you’re saying? That’s what I’m hearing. There’s going to be a little of that, a few things I can repair.

When asked of the fans will be happy, he said: “I think so, I think so, yes.”

Soooooo… it looks like the Marvel movie-verse, even outside the Avengers movies, is in safe and competent hands. Now can someone PLEASE just make them all exist in the one movie world? And get Marc Webb’s Spider-man in there too. Please, please, please….

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