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UPDATE: T.J. Miller Confirmed as Weasel! Morena Baccarin To Play Copycat in Deadpool Movie?

March 20th, 2015 by Todd Black 3 Comments



When Morena Baccarin got cast in the anticipated Deadpool movie the obvious question was, “who will she be?” Now, Morena herself has revealed who she will be…and we’re pretty sure this is one character who will fit in just fine.

In a tweet, Morena revealed her chair that had the character name “Vanessa” on it. While that may seem like a normal name, it’s more than likely that her full name is Vanessa Geraldine Carlysle, aka the mutant known as Copycat.

Why is this a good fit? Well, because her and Deadpool have had numerous flings in the past. Not the least of which being that she was Deadpool’s girlfriend…before he was Deadpool.

It’s unknown at this time which version of the character we’ll see, but it’s clear (at least to us) that the movie will be tied deeply into Deadpool’s comic origins.

Update: We now have confirmation (via the actor himself) that T.J. Miller will play Weasel in the Deadpool movie. Miller posted the following pic on Twitter yesterday, saying “Yes, yes y’all. Weasel is in the house:


Weasel will be portrayed in the movie as: “Quirky, great sense of humor. Smart, funny, but more than a little bit slippery. Fast talker, always looking to make a buck. He looks out for himself first and foremost, but reveals loyalty at the end of the day.”

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